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An SVG rendering of the Scratch Cat from Scratch 3.0.

File:Comparison between 1.4, 2.0, and 3.0 Scratch Cats.png

A comparison of the Scratch 1.x bitmap (left), 2.0 vector (center) and the slightly modified 3.0 Scratch Cat (right).

The Scratch Cat is the mascot of Scratch and the default sprite when opening a new Scratch project.[1] This cannot be changed. It is also the outline for the default icon of new Scratch accounts, replacing a previous version that showed a human silhouette.Template:Cite post The Scratch Cat is a trademark of MIT[2] and was drawn by Wing Ngan.[3] According to Scratch Team member ceebee, the Scratch Cat is nonbinary, meaning that the cat does not identify as strictly male or female in terms of gender.[4] However, many users,Template:Cite post even some Scratch Team members,Template:Cite post use male pronouns for Scratch Cat.


There are many varieties of the Scratch Cat's look. Some are below:

Use in Projects

Template:OutdatedIn 2011, over 35,000 projects had used the Scratch Cat in its most well-known form (the costume named 'cat1-a' in projects created in Scratch 2.0, 'Cat' in projects created in Scratch 3.0 or 'Sprite1' if it the sprite was used since the project was created), making it the second most used image in Scratch from Scratch 1.3 upwards.[5] The high usage of the image is most probably because it is the default starter sprite when creating a new project, or the fact that the Scratch Cat serves as the symbol of Scratch.

The image is often used as a narrator for a project (particularly tutorial projects), as it is such a well-known image. It is also frequently used as an interviewer in talk-show-style projects. As well as these, it also serves many other uses.

Remakes of Scratch Cat

Scratch Cat also serves as an individual species and can be remade. Some remakes have recolored the cat and added some unique details while others are basically characters as the "Scratch Cat". Scratch Cat has been remade into "original characters" and characters from the media, similar to the fact that Nintendo characters Kirby, Yoshi, and Toad have their own species that look similar to them.

Removed Projects

In the past, when a user attempted to view a project that had been removed by the Scratch Team, the user would see an animation of the Scratch Cat explaining that the project is not suitable for all members of the Scratch Community and has thus been removed.[6] However, this has since been replaced with a 404 Error page.

_meow_ Scratch Cat Image

In a comment, if a user types _meow_ with no characters directly before or after without a space, it will turn into Template:Meow when posted. This image became popular in September 2011.

Since being discovered, it has been spammed a lot on people's projects. Some Scratchers use them for awarding someone if they did a great job or worked really hard but some just write "_meow_" over and over again. This can make it hard to read comments along with other things. This bothers some people, and is frowned upon.Template:Cite post

Can't Connect to Server

Template:See also


The gray Scratch Cat that appears in the 2.0 error.

Originally, when a page that did not exist was attempted to be accessed on the Scratch Website, a gray picture of the Scratch Cat appeared, and the screen displayed "404. Oh noes! Our server is Scratch'ing its head!". This has since been replaced by an image of Giga. This image is still used in the 403 Error when a one tried to access a restricted page.

Other Forms

Neigh Pony

File:Neigh pony.png

The Neigh Pony, one of the April Fools' 2012 Mascots on Scratch.

On April Fools' Day 2012, the Scratch Team spread the rumor that Scratch 2.0 would be renamed to Neigh and the Scratch Cat would be replaced by the Neigh Pony.[7] The Neigh Pony bears several resemblances to Scratch Cat, including the presence of whiskers and the white and orange Scratch colors. This form is supposed to be a parody of the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Scratch Cat Jr

Main article: {{{2}}}Scratch Cat Jr is a modification of Scratch Cat, made to look more appealing to younger kids. Scratch Cat Jr can be seen in Scratch Jr, an app designed for kindergarteners.


File:Scratch 3.0 Editor Preview 1.png

Early mockup of Scratch 3.0, featuring "Cosmicat"

In a 2016 preview of Scratch 3.0, a less anthropomorphic form of Scratch Cat was used, which was nicknamed "Cosmicat". This form of Scratch Cat was not used in later versions, with its original form being used in favor.

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