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Sapphire is one of the characters from Steven Universe. She is one of the gems that can fuse into Garnet along with her love interest Ruby.


Sapphire is a light blue gem with a blue and white ball gown. She also has long very light-blue hair that covers her eyes. She also wears white gloves. She has a sapphire gem embedded in her right palm.

Unlike Ruby, Sapphire is more calm and caring than her love interest. Sapphire also sings when she is in trouble. Sapphire can also move very fast if she hears Ruby or any other familiar person.


Sapphire along with Ruby make their debuts in the episode "Jail Break". In the previous episode "The Return", Garnet (their fusion) is severly injured and retreats into their two gems. Sapphire and Ruby are later imprisoned by Jasper at the ship. When Sapphire starts to sing, Jasper yells at her to stop singing and stomps off to find Steven. After losing Ruby, Steven later finds Sapphire and frees her from the prison. Sapphire later hears Ruby calling out for her and dashes off to find her with Steven in hand. Sapphire and Ruby are eventually reunited and twirl around, happily fusing back into Garnet and thanking Steven.


  • Sapphire has the same lips as Garnet.
  • Sapphire and Ruby's shapes make a cameo appearance unfusing from Alexandrite in "Fusion Cuisine".