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Santa first appeared in A Christmas Story, but later began to appear more frequently, demonstrating to the viewers what he does while he isn't busy with Christmas. This includes many jobs such as being a doctor, a DJ, a taxi driver and a shopkeeper. He is mainly used for comic relief. He loves to say "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!" even when it isn't even close to the holiday.


Santa is usually an unwitting victim of Pucca when she is after Garu — for example, in one episode, he dressed up like Garu to get chocolates from Pucca and was beaten with a tree afterwards. In one episode, Santa is shown signing up to become a ninja like Garu. In some episodes when he doesn't wear his coat, he has curly white hair. In Feud Fight, Santa tried to make Pucca happy by making candy noodles, but the candy didn't taste good to Pucca. In the episode And the Band Played Rong, Santa tries out for the commercial songs and sings "Dreidel Dreidel" which is a Jewish song, though Santa is a Christian according to history.

Red Lantern[]

It was been revealed in the episode Tis the Season for Revenge that before he became Santa, he was known as a thief by the name of Red Lantern who used to work as a partner with a ninja known as Black Powder. They were never caught by the police. One day he withdrew from that job and started to give presents to the people.Black Powder was angry for this and started a fight with him, but Santa ended up being the winner when he sent Black Powder flying into the stomach of a whale.


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