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Sans the Skeleton, or simply, Sans, is one of the major characters in Undertale.


Sans is laid back, lazy, and loves to tell puns, usually those related to skeletons. As the story progresses, Sans becomes more judgemental of the player, and suspects the worst. He is one of the few characters in the game who know of other timelines, and in the Genocide timeline he is the final boss.


Sans is a short and obese skeleton with has an oddly round shaped skull and black eye sockets with white pupils. He also has large bags under his eyes

He wears a light-blue hoodie with a light grey hood, white tank-top and black boxer shorts with white lining on them. He is seen usually in white shoes, but some depictions of him are seen with blue or pink slippers. He has a wide and permanent grin. He is 4'5".


Sans is a major character in Undertale, the game in which he originated from. He is a very short, middle-aged skeleton who loves making skeleton puns, doing nothing, taking a break from work, and taking naps. He lives with his younger brother Papyrus in the town of Snowdin. They both work as sentry's in the Snowdin forest, watching out for humans. While Papyrus is devoted to capturing a human, Sans doesn't really care if a human comes by or not, as he sits and boondoggle, read car magazines in the forest, or sells hot dogs. His attitude towards the player changes depending on which route you are on, pacifist route has him treating you very nicely, neutral route has him treating you fairly (unless you kill his brother Papyrus, in which he neglects you until he judges you at the end of the game), and genocide route has him treating you cruelly, making you feel bad about all the monsters you've killed.