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Samantha Samsung, also known as Samsung Girl, is the advertising mascot for Samsung introduced in 2021. She went viral on the Internet in June of that same year.

Samantha Samsung is a bright-eyed, perky young lady who likes jamming to tunes on her Samsung phone, browsing apps, and texting friends. Despite being quite young, she works as an advertiser for the Samsung company, and her image will be used for the company's future Virtual Assistant avatar.

She has bobbed hair and wears a black shirt, jeans, and loafers.


In May 2021, Samsung Sam came from a post from Lightfarm featuring a girl who supposedly is a Samsung virtual assistant. Lightfarm later deleted due to the viral popularity and Samsung Sam becoming an internet meme spawning numerous amounts of nsfw work.

Her first official appearance for Samsung was at November 26, 2021 in the video Smart Friday: Es Momento de Renovar however she wasn't really properly animated.

At May 5, 2022 Samsung Latinoamérica y caribe released a teaser called ¿Estás listo? where a blurry animation of Samsung Sam can be seen in a peephole on a door.

On May 9, 2022 Samsung Sam made her full debut fully animated and with a voice in Conoce a SAM | Tu nueva asistente virtual where she discusses about Samsung phone features. Since then she has been put into many videos by Samsung.


Samsung Sam seems to be very cheerful. She really loves to use Samsung phones and loves playing games listening to music and so on on the phone. Samsung Sam has only been seen speaking Spanish and Portugese, though this is simply due to the fact that Samsung was targeting South American audiences with the ads she is featured in.