Saki Hanajima is a psychic girl who has the ability to sense people's "waves" and send out electric waves, and one of Tohru's closest friends. Saki had trouble controlling her abilities when she was young, and blamed herself for the near-fatal collapse of a boy who was bullying her. Before she met Tohru as a way of signaling her guilt.

With Arisa Uotani, she promised on Tohru's mother's grave to look after Tohru Honda and in their near-"parental" protection, she acts as the "motherly" figure. She uses her reputation for sending out "poison waves" to shield Tohru from the malice of Yuki's fan club. She has a close relationship with her family, which accepts and nurtures her gifts, especially her younger brother, Megumi, who also has psychic abilities. When Saki sees Kazuma Sohma when he comes in for Kyo's parent-teacher conference, she calls him "handsome," and later at the class performance of Sorta Cinderella, she seeks Kazuma out to talk with him.[50] Kyo is disturbed enough at the idea of Saki in a relationship with his foster-father, that she and Arisa tease him with the possibility. However, in the final chapter, Saki is working as a cook at Kazuma's dojo.

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