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Sailor Saturn is the Sailor Guardian identity and other self of Hotaru Tomoe. She possesses powers associated with Ruin and Silence originally and was later changed to Death and Destruction. She was able to be reborn and reincarnated within the mind and body of a newborn Hotaru Tomoe through Super Sailor Moon's power. She appears before her own reincarnation, the four-year-old Hotaru, and returns the memories of her previous life; thus awakening her as a Sailor Guardian. She is voiced by Yuko Minaguchi in the Japanese version of the first anime, Jen Gould in the American English dub of Seasons 3&4 by Cloverway, Christine Marie Cabanos in the American English dub of the first anime and Crystal by Viz (who also voiced Madoka Kaname in Puella Magi Madoka Magica) and by Yukiyo Fuji in the Japanese version of Crystal.


  • Dr. Tomoe (father)
  • Mrs. Tomoe (mother, deceased)