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Sailor Mars (real name: Raven "Rei" Hino) is one of the five original Inner Sailor Senshi of the Solar System, and was the third Sailor Senshi introduced in Sailor Moon. Her civilian identity is Raven "Rei" Hino. Her attacks are based around fire, psychic powers, and spiritual powers. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character. She is voiced by Michie Tomizawa in the Japanese version of the first anime, Katie Griffin and Emilie Barlow in the Dic/Cloverway English version of the first anime, Cristina Vee in the American English dub of the first anime and Crystal (who also voiced Homura Akemi in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Alisa Bosconovitch in Tekken: Blood Vengeance) and by Rina Sato in the Japanese version of Crystal.



In the manga, Raven "Rei" Hino was a stoic, serious individual who did not involve herself with men (due in part to her estrangement from her politician father). She was mysterious, reserved, and beautiful. Rei's manga image was more fitting with her role as a Miko than her anime personality. She and Mina Aino had a strong bond, similar to that seen in the live-action series.


  • Takashi Hino (father, disowned)
  • Risa Hino (mother, deceased)
  • Unnamed paternal grandparents
  • Unnamed maternal grandparents