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Sachiko Sonozaki

Sachiko Shinozaki, or Shinozaki, is the main antagonist of the Corpse Party series. She is also known as the Girl in Red Dress ("Girl in Red Clothes").


Sachiko is a girl of normal stature for a young child, with long black hair and bangs that cover her face. She wears a tattered red dress. When she is appeased, her outfit changes. Her hair becomes shorter, so you can see more of her face, revealing her black eyes. She wears an off white colored dress.


While she was alive, Sachiko seemed to be rather shy and recluse. In Corpse-Party, it is stated that she did not have any friends and she didn't spend her time socializing too much. She loved her mother dearly and her death enraged Sachiko, because of which she became a vengeful spirit. As a spirit she is sinister and murderous. Killing and torturing people, both physically and mentally, is a source of fun and joy for her. Sometimes she plays with her victims, pretending to help them or be their friend, just to kill them afterwards. She is usually accompanied by Yoshikazu Yanagihori, who brings and traps the victims for her. She first started trapping children in the school to please her mother, but eventually it became solely a source of amusement.


  • File:Corpse Party Tortured Souls The Truth behind the murders Uncensored
    In Corpse-Party, Sachiko was known simply by her surname, Shinozaki. The same as Ayumi's surname. Upon questioning this, Makoto Kedouin explains this as, "Maybe the spirits are playing tricks on you? [laughs]" The name, Sachiko, wasn’t introduced until Corpse Party: New Chapter for the mobile.
  • Shinozaki bears a striking resemblance to Alma Wade (in her child form) from F.E.A.R., in appearance, in the fact that both are psychotic, vengeful ghosts, and both are key characters in their respective games.
  • In the Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Character Contest, Sachiko ranked 6th place. She is tied with Naho Saenoki.