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Sabrina Raincomprix, known as Miss Hound is one of the supporting characters of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

She is voiced by Marieve Herington in season 1 and Cassandra Lee Morris in season 2.





As a result, she is given a collar necklace known as the Dog Miraculous, which when worn grant Sabrina the ability to transform into Miss Hound, her superhero alias.

As the holder of a Miraculous, Sabrina is assisted by a small orange creature resembling a dog called Barkk, who is a magical being known as a Kwami.

As Vanisher

Vanisher is entirely invisible who does not even cast a shadow and she is only partially visible if something covers her, such as glitter. Additionally, she is skilled in combat, holding up well against Ladybug and Cat Noir in a fight. She can also throw objects from her bag as projectiles, which are invisible as well.

  • Invisibility: as Vanisher, she has the uncanny ability to be invisible.
  • Tangibility: as Vanisher, she could be seen after Ladybug spilled glitter (her Lucky Charm) on her.

As Miraculer

By touching a Miraculous holder with her tonfa, she can steal their special superpowers from them and use them as her own. She is able to use more than one power at once, such as infusing a Lucky Charm weapon with the destructive energy of the Cataclysm. She also has the ability to grant others the superpowers she has stolen without losing them herself.

  • Power absorption: As Miraculer, she can absorb superpowers of the Miraculous holders, by making direct contact with them with her baton and utilize them multiple times.
    • Creation (a.k.a. Lucky Charm): Miraculer was able to throw her baton in the air like Ladybug does with her yoyo to summon a ladybug themed object that she can use to fight. Unlike Ladybug's version, Miraculer can summon offensive objects such as sword or sledge hammers.
    • Destruction (a.k.a. Cataclysm): Miraculer can utilize her own version of Cataclysm with her Lucky Charm or by hand like Cat Noir. Unlike Cat Noir, she can use it more than once.
    • Force-field generation (a.k.a. Shell-ter): Miraculer can summon a green force-filed to protect her self or her baton. The only thing that can break the shield is Cat Noir's Cataclysm.
    • Illusion manipulation (a.k.a. Mirage): Miraculer was able to create holographic duplicates of her self.
  • Tickling: Chloe always tickled her, which ended her time as Miraculer.