Sabine Wren is one of the tritagonists and female protagonist of the television series Star Wars Rebels. She was an Imperial cadet who defected from the Galactic Empire after realizing how one of her weapons, the Duchess could be used against her fellow Mandalorians. Briefly, Sabine took up a career as a bounty Hunter with fellow Mandalorian Ketsu Onyo until her best friend's betrayal. By age 16, she was a member of the Ghost crew, led by Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, becoming Spectre 5. Seeing the crew as her family, Sabine is the daughter figure of the Spectres, acting like an older sister towards Ezra Bridger while keeping her past a secret.

In season 3, she is revealed to be the daughter of Ursa and Alrich When and has a younger brother, Tristan.

At least five years after the war has ended, Sabine left Lothal with Ahsoka Tano in search of Ezra, who had gone missing during the planet's liberation.


Sabine Wren was born on the planet Krownest to Ursa Wren, the Countess of Clan Wren, and her husband, Alrich. Sabine had one sibling, a younger brother named Tristan. She was raised in part on Mandalore but also considered Clan Wren's ancestral home of Krownest to be her homeworld.[1] Trained from an early age in Mandalorian warrior culture, Wren forged her distinctive armor with her family and also inherited her Nite Owls helmet from someone whose identity she was reluctant to reveal. As a child, Sabine and Tristan were shown a statue of Tarre Vizsla and taught by Alrich how to appreciate artwork. Since then, Sabine hoped to become an artist one day. At a young age, Sabine was put into the Mandalore Imperial Academy to show her loyalty to her parents. She befreinded fellow Mandalorian Ketsu Onyo. The girls were inseparable, almost like sisteres. A bright-eyed cadet, Sabine hoped to serve the Empire. She was presumably the top of her class. Hoping to prove herself, Sabine created the Duchess, a superweapon that turned Mandalorian armor against them. Most Mandolorians were angered by Sabine's creation because Mandolorian armor was sacred to their culture. Following this, Sabine grew disillusioned with the Empire and spoke ou tagainst it. However, her mother, father and brother sided with the empire and disowned Sabine. The young Sabine was able to escape with help from Ketsu. Her decision to renounce the Empire caused Alrich to become a prisoner of Viceroy Gar Saxon, her mother forced to prove her loyalty ot the empire while Tristan was forced to serve as an Imperial Super Commando so the family would remain in Saxon's favor. Before she left, Sabine destroyed her weapon, but the Empire was able to use her research to build another arc pulse generator.

She later saved a group of Wookiees, and felt she owed them a debt in the future. Sabine and Ketsu became bounty hunters and partners with dreams of becoming the Black Sun. However, Sabine was the softest of the two. They were forced to care about only themselves in order to survive. However, Sabine and Ketsu's partnership and friendship ended on bad terms because her best friend left her for dead.

Sabine continued to run from the Galactic Empire, and was saved by a man named Janard, who saved her from an Imperial who was attempting to kidnap her. He helped her escape. Eventually, seeing the destruction of her homeworld, she hoped to join an open rebellion to fight for the family she lost.

Eventually, Sabine was recruited by Kanan Jarrus and became the fifth member of the Spectres,whom she saw as a family, seeing a father in Kanan, a brother in Zeb, a mother in Hera, and eventually, a younger brother in Ezra Bridger when he joined the Ghost crew.


Like everyone on the Ghost crew, Sabine was sympathetic to those who suffered at the hands of the Empire. She is the "daughter" of the Ghost crew, seeing Hera and Kanan as surrogate parents, and Chopper, Zeb and Ezra as her brothers. She is troubled by her past, especially her past life as an Imperial cadet and a bounty hunter. After renouncing the Galactic Empire, Sabine's family cut ties with her, and caused Sabine to become a loner. After being adopted by the Ghost crew, Sabine learned the true meaning of family and friendship.

Sabine is an artistic and creative individual who is a bit rough around the edges at first. Being an artist, Sabine paints what she sees, as she said so when showing artwork depicting Chopper's prank on Ezra and Zeb. She also loves color, explaining her constantly changing her hair color and admiring explosions' colors rather than the chaos. She is also a specialist when it comes to explosions, especially making "paint bombs," something she used to rig Imperial vehicles.

When she became in possession of the Darksaber, Sabine saw it as a means to an end and thought it was a bad omen to her and bring nothing but trouble to her family. Sabine kept her past bottled up inside of her but with the help of Ezra, Kanan and Fenn Rau, she was able to realize that she had to bring her biological family together again. She later refused to abandon Ezra when he was being held hostage by Gar Saxon and later, refused to leave him and Kanan when Ursa was going to trade the Jedi to Saxon. Due to Ezra and Kanan's training, Sabine found the fortitude to take on Saxon in single combat. Sabine was also magnanimous in victory and decided to spare Saxon's life. Saxon, however, did not return the favor and tried to shoot her in the back. Seeking to rebuild ties with her family, Sabine elected not to return with Ezra and Kanan to the Rebellion. Instead, she dedicated herself to helping Clan Wren to reunite the Mandalorians. While Sabine did not regard herself as Mandalore's new leader, she vowed to help her people find that individual.

Later, Sabine's loyalty to her rebel friends led her to convince Ursa and Fenn to lend forces to help Phoenix Squadron and Massassi Group during the Battle of Atollon. As a warrior, Sabine was familiar with the military strategy and proposed concentrating the Mandalorian attack on the Interdictor Cruiser in order to facilitate the rebels' escape.

Physical Appearance

Sabine Wren was a human female who stood at 5'6," with light skin, and brown eyes.In the series, Sabine was 16 in Season 1, 17 in Season 1 and 2, 19 in Season 3, and 21 in Season 4. In the epilogue, she is 25 years old. It is revealed in "The Antilles Extraction" that Sabine used to have brown hair, which is her natural hair color. Instead, she likes to change her hair color from time to time to reflect on her ever changing personality: her hair is dark blue with orange tips in the first season, blue with teal tips in the second, platnium blonde with purple streaks and tips and brown hair with purple tips. In the finale's epilogue, her hair was cut short in the same style as Ezra Bridger when she last saw him and was now dyed a medium purple.


  • Lightsaber Combat: Sabine was a very capable swordswoman after being taught how to use the Darksaber. She also managed to use Ezra's lightsaber when Chopper gave it to her due to her past experiences with the Darksaber.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: She was fairly well-versed in hand-to-hand combat being able to outmanuever Arihnda Pryce.


Weapons and Equipment

  • Two WESTAR-35 blaster pistols: Sabine owned two Mandalorian WESTAR-35 blaster pistols and kept on her person at all times.
  • Darksaber (formerly): Sabine gained the Darksaber from the Nightsisters Temple on Dathomir and used it to show her people how far she grew. She grew familiar of the blade after being taught by Kanan and Ezra.
  • Mandalorian vambraces: Sabine was given these by Fenn Rau so she could use them in her fights against Kanan and Ezra when they were training her how to use the Darksaber.
  • Explosives: Sabine kept explosives with her at all time, which included thermal and paint detonators.


Star Wars Rebels

Season 1

On Empire Day, Sabine and the crew (sans Ezra) went to sabotage the parade on Lothal. Sabine had developed detonators that would explode into fireworks. Zeb and Sabine distracted the citizens of Lothal with the fireworks as Kanan used them to detonate a TIE fighter. The group was soon joined by Ezra, who had been dealing with his own problems. They spotted Agent Kallus and the Grand Inquisitor. Ezra showed Sabine and Kanan to his old home while Zeb went to the Ghost. He showed them Tseebo, who was hiding in the Bridger home. He was known to be a worker for the Imperial Information Office and was implanted with cybernetic circuits. After Ezra left, Sabine learned that Empire Day was Ezra's birthday from Tseebo and the day his parents were taken, explaining why he has been depressed all day. She accessed Tseebo's circuitry, where they learned there were fivee year plans and information that the Empire did not want to get out. Sabine had to help them smuggle Tseebo off Lothal. They escaped off on the Ghost when Hera, Chopper and Zeb arrived with the ship. As Ezra and Sabine were alone,Tseebo revealed knowledge on what happened to Mira and Ephraim and Sabine translated for him. She later left the room to man the nose guns.

After Ezra was told by Tseebo that he couldn't do anything to save his parents, Sabine and Kanan pointed out to Ezra that Tseebo's stealing the Empire's secrets were his way of trying to make up for his mistake. Before Ezra and Kanan left, Sabine attempted to convince Ezra to talk to Tseebo again, but he promptly refused. Sabine later joined Ezra in his room, where she had recovered something from Ezra's home. It was revealed to be a picture of him and his parents. Sabine genuinely wishes him a happy birthday before leaving him to enjoy his birthday gift. ("Empire Day ", "Gathering Forces ")

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

In the epilogue, Sabine reveals what happened to her fellow rebels after the war and that she had remained on Lothal, anticipating a counterattack on the Empire, but it never came. Honoring Ezra's sacrifice, she protected his homeworld, becoming the planet's protector, as she believed that is what Ezra wanted her to do. However, after the war, Sabine realized he meant that he could count on her finding him. After the war was over, Sabine set out on a journey with Ahsoka Tano, who had eventually escaped Malachor, to find Ezra and bring him home. 

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

Sabine appears in the animated micro-series as one of the main characters. She is the focus of seven episodes: "Bounty of Trouble," "Newest Recruit," Accidental Allies," "Crash Course," "Hasty Departure" and "Art History".


Ezra Bridger

Sabine is the closest with Ezra due to being the youngest members of the Ghost crew, who is her brother-in-arm and one of her two best friends.  Because of his younger age, Sabine acts as an older sister to Ezra because she has her own younger brother. 

When they first met, Sabine and her team intercepted Ezra, who was stealing the crates Sabine and her adopted family were trying to obtain.  Upon first seeing her face after she unmasked herself, Ezra developed a major crush on Sabine, who was mildly agitated with him whenever he tried to flirt with her.Like Zeb, she was willing to leave Ezra behind with the Imperials back in the pilot episode, believing it would be a hopeless, futile cause. However the one-sided crush disappeared, with  Sabine and Ezra developing a brother-sister relationship, where Sabine became fiercely protective of him. Howeer, despite being protective of her younger-brother figure, it does not stop Sabine from teasing him once in a while.

After Ezra disappeared into hyperspace with grand admiral Thrawn and the war was over, Sabine, with Ahsoka, set out on a quest to bring Ezra back home. 


  • The way Sabine overlooks Lothal and ships flying above her in the finale while in Ezra's tower reminscents Ezra doing the exact same thing in the premiere.
  • Sabine and Chopper are the only characters in the main cast who never encountered the Bendu. However, she was close to meeting him in "Trials of the Darksaber" after Ezra talks to her.
  • Sabine, Ezra, Chopper and Hera are the only members of the Ghost crew to appear in Forces of Destiny.
  • She, Zeb, Kanan and Ezra are the only members of the Ghost to appear in the Disney INFINITY series.
  • At the time of the series, she was 16 years old and was possibly created so Ezra could have a person his age he could relate to.
  • Sabine and Ezra are the only members of the Ghost crew to regularly wear helmets.
  • Sabine is named after the Sabine women from history.
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