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“You've seen it. Now he can hear you.You've touched it. Now he can see you.Never ring it. If you hear it: he can touch you.„~ on a scrap of paper that was found with SCP-513SCP-513 is a Euclid class, known on SCP Foundation site as "The Cowbell".


SCP-513 is an unremakable rusty cowbell. SCP-513 was recovered by Agent ██████ while carrying out Containment Reestablishment Procedure Mu at Site-██. SCP-513’s clapper was firmly held in place by several strips of duct tape. A single scrap of paper was found along with SCP-513. Any personnel who ring SCP-513 or hear it will began to see a skeleton like creature with long arms known as SCP-513-1.SCP-513-1 is a byproduct by SCP-513. It is a entity that appears to any sentient being who hears SCP-513. Victims being stalked by SCP-513 suffer from sleep deprivation, agression, hypervigilance, paranoia and depression.

SCP-513:Containment breach

SCP-513 and SCP-513-1 appeared in 0.1 version of the game. While walkingSCP-513-1 in scp containment breach 0.1-0.2.1 around SCP-513 could be heard ringing over intercom. After that the player will begin to see SCP-513-1 in his peripheral vision. SCP-513-1 didn't do anything that effected the player.SCP-513 and SCP-513-1 were replaced by SCP-372 in 0.2.1 version. Regalis eventually removed SCP-513 because anyone who hears SCP-513 would commit suicide in the end, removing the whole purpose of escaping the facility in first place. SCP-513 and SCP-513-1 are both planned to be re-added in newer versions, but will be different.In version 0.6.4 SCP-513-1's face can be seen on the hallucinations on the CCTV monitor in SCP-895's chamber.SCP-513-1's face on 895 monitorSCP-513 and SCP-513-1 were re-added in 0.8 version with improvements. SCP-513 can be found in its containment chamber inside protective gelatin, which is halfway melted. The player can pick it up and ring it. After ringing player will begin to see SCP-513-1 in his peripheral vision. SCP-513-1 will stalk the player, appear out of nowhere and if the player comes close to it SCP-513-1 will walk away and dissapear. SCP-513-1 does not harm the player .Player can undo SCP-513 by processing it through SCP-914. After that loud breathing can be heard.SCP-513 if rung even more SCP-513-1 will be more likely of appearing.