S. Slick is a one-off character in Goof Troop and the secondary antagonist of the episode, "Counterfeit Goof".

Role in the episode

While he is driving to see Braxton, he sees Goofy, who gets ahead of him, leading Slick to believe he was being challenged. He parks his car in front of the wallpaper store, where Goofy had gotten more wallpaper and dropped it in Slick's car. When Goofy tried to get the things out of Slick's car, he accidentally broke the door handle off. So Slick broke the handle to Goofy's car. They break parts off of each other's cars until Slick falls through a trap door. Braxton's henchmen arrive and mistake Goofy for Slick while Slick tries to get their attention from in the trap.

After getting out of the trap, he phones Braxton, and the doorman answers. He tells him that he is Slick, which the doorman laughs at. So he drives in Goofy's car to the mansion, where he gets attacked by the doorman for supposedly vandalizing Braxton's furniture when it was really Goofy. He shows up to Braxton to explain himself.

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