Rusty Ringtail is the main antagonist of the Danger Rangers episode "Wild Wheels." He is a reckless raccoon who roller-skates (or, in the case of the "Fires and Liars" segment "False Alarms," skateboards) without safety gear.

Rusty is a foil to Burble, for both of them had grown up on the streets, but went different directions; while Burble learned common sense and safety and aimed to help others, Rusty, on the other hand, chose to be reckless for thrill, and hurt others. About a year before the events of the episode, Burble had written him up for refusing to wear safety gear and to ride safe, but Rusty had crumpled up the paper and been imprisoned once.

He is against safety gear because it "slows him down," as he intends to ride up to the top of the Statue of Liberty. For the same reason he doesn't wear safety gear, he does not allow his toadies, Snarf and Chili Dog, to wear any either, yet he gets mad when they complain over the pain.

Villainous actions of his have included stealing an apple (according to a flashback), bumping a child who is trying to show off a trick (without wearing any safety gear), tricking Burble into a trap by pretending to feel like nobody has cared about him, whereas Burble was trying to get through to him, and having the rest of the Danger Rangers trapped in some sort of strong metal box (unaware that Burt has installed a super titanium drill in the hovercraft).

Rusty and his gang appear in the "False Alarms" song segment in "Fires and Liars."

He is voiced by Jason Marsden.

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