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Ruby Anne Biggle is a pink and purple female Biggle who debuted in The Kidsongs TV Show's season 2 episode, "I Can't Play Sports". 

Ruby Biggle was voiced by Julene Renee in season 2, while Amy Manlapaz performed in the costume. For the later videos from 1994 to 1995 (seasons 3 & 4), Ruby was performed by Kimberly Bretto-Smith. For the last 2 seasons and for the last 5 videos, she was played by Marilyn Rising. For the Arabic dub, she was voiced by Maysoun Abou Al-Said.


Ruby is Billy's eight-year-old big sister and daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Biggle. She and her family live in a fancy house with a purple roof and yellow spots in Biggleland.


Ruby is sweet, loving, and kind to all the Kidsongs Kids, especially Billy Biggle and Freckles. She is always willing to help when problems arise amongst the group. Like her brother, Ruby changes color when she is sad, mad, or sick (for example, in "Dream On!", Ruby becomes green when she is feeling ill).


Ruby has a pink coat, a purple tail, purple hair, yellow ears, and a light pink tummy and paws. Additionally, she possesses a small pouch on her tummy.  Ruby usually wears a yellow bow on her head, but will swap for another garment when in costume.


The Kidsongs TV Show

  1. I Can't Play Sports (first appearance)
  2. A Community Assignment
  3. Megan's Bad Day
  4. Safety First
  5. Professor Majorchord's Music Lesson
  6. Weather Biggle
  7. Wild West Fever
  8. Birthday Blues
  9. Sign Language Communication
  10. A Kidsongs Kids' Best Friend
  11. Transportation
  12. Give My Regards to Broadway (1995 episode)
  13. Man's Best Friend
  14. Let's Dance
  15. La La Bamba
  16. Where Oh Where Has My Little Bike Gone?
  17. Alex Alex Alex
  18. Garage Sale
  19. Here, Kitty Kitty
  20. Mind Your Manners
  21. I Have an Idea
  22. Share and Share Alike
  23. Collector's Item
  24. Fiddle Me This
  25. All the News That's Fit
  26. Circle of Life
  27. Practice, Practice, Practice
  28. Reach for the Stars
  29. Playing Favorites
  30. They Raise Horses, Don't They?
  31. All Together Now
  32. Gone to the Dogs
  33. Put Your Dancin' Shoes On
  34. Bang Your Drum Loudly
  35. What I Want to Be (1997 episode)
  36. Let's Go Barefootin'
  37. It's 60's Day
  38. A Doggone Great Day
  39. Working Together
  40. Water World (1997 episode)
  41. Practice Makes Perfect (1997 episode)
  42. We Are Family
  43. Let's Look It Up
  44. Brady "Safety" Kimball
  45. Throwing Curve Balls
  46. Went to the Animal Fair
  47. Billy's Doctor Visit
  48. Aloha, Biggleland
  49. Monster Truck Day
  50. Dream On

“I Can...” Series

  1. Kidsongs: I Can Go to the Country!
  2. Kidsongs: I Can Bop with the Biggles!
  3. Kidsongs: I Can Put on a Show!
  4. Kidsongs: I Can Sing Baby Animal Songs!
  5. Kidsongs: I Can Dance!
  6. Kidsongs: I Can Do It!

Adventures in Biggleland

  1. Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday
  2. Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles (final appearance)


  • Ruby is the most notable female biggle.
  • Ruby loves baby animals and trains, as her favorite song is The Locomotion.

ActiMates and Toyline Products

Ruby Biggle, along with Billy Biggle, Professor Majorchord and Freckles Biggle, will be introduced in the Microsoft ActiMates Interactive you products as Microsoft ActiMates: Interactive Ruby Biggle, which will interact with the TV/computer/music products. Ruby will say like 79 or more phrases like, "Hi, kids! My name is Ruby Biggle! Let's have some some fun, together.", "I love playing with you. (Giggles)", "Can you kiss my paw?", "Which instrument do you like to play?", "Let's make music together! (Giggles)", "You're the best!", "(giggles) Great Job!" and 68 more phrases. The toy would also sing and talk with the Kidsongs TV Show, Kidsongs: Music Videos Stories, and the Kidsongs Cds and cassettes along with the audio transmitter, and the Video Transmitter. Ruby sings 3 songs with Kidsongs music with a squeeze of her left hand. She also interacts with objects and plays different games with a squeeze of her right hand. She also interacts with the computer game, Kidsongs Musical Mystery, as she interacts where the musical instruments are.