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Rosabella Beauty is the daughter of Beauty and the Beast in Ever After High. She is also the cousin of Briar Beauty.



Rosabella has a soft spot for creatures, particularly beasts, as she handed out fliers in help of the search for Rugsy and sought to prove him innocent. Rosabella is one to fight for what she wants, especially when it comes to beast inequality. Rosabella was raised by a liberal mother, and is straightforward, determined, and passionate. She will stand up for herself or her friends.


Rosabella has a side fringe with wavy red-streaked brown hair, which is tied half up and half down. She has peach skin, dusty orange eyes and she wears glasses.

Fairy tale

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Her mother is the Beauty from The Beauty and the Beast, who herself is the sister of Sleeping Beauty. Therefore, Briar Beauty is Rosabella's cousin.


Darling Charming considers Rosabella a close friend. In Rosabella's profile, it states that she is best friends with her cousin Briar and Cerise Hood. In her diary, she appears to get along with Farrah Goodfairy, Cedar Wood, and Apple White, as they supported her cause and did what they could to help her.