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Roquefort is a supporting character in The Aristocats. He is voiced by Sterling Holloway.


Roquefort is a small mouse that resides in a mousehole located in Madame Bonfamille's mansion. He is good friends with Duchess, a cat, and her three kittens,Toulouse, Berlioz, and Marie; he also seems to have a friendly relationship with Frou-Frou. His devotion to the Aristocats is shown when he goes out searching for them when the family goes missing.

Despite being on friendly terms with Duchess and her kittens, he seems to be naturally afraid of other cats, though he places this fear aside to assist his friends.


  • Roquefort

    Roquefort in Happiness is Here Parade.

    Roquefort is Sterling Holloway's only character who hasn't appeared in modern media and therefore hasn't yet been voiced by Jim Cummings.
    • Additionally, Sterling Holloway was the voice of Kaa in The Jungle Book, Sleepy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, and the original voice of Winnie the Pooh.
  • Roquefort's name seems to come from a particular kind of sheep's milk cheese that is made in the southern portion of France.
  • Some people wonder why the Aristocats never tried to eat Roquefort. It is most likely because the Aristocats were sophisticated, and that killing other animals wasn't part of their behavior.
  • Roquefort's coughing noises were recycled sounds from Archimedes in The Sword in the Stone.


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