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Ronald Tompkins is the Manager of Sleep Well Motel and is secretly the main antagonist of Disney and Pixar's first ever holiday-themed television special, Toy Story of Terror. He is voiced by Stephen Tolobowsky. 


He is first seen greeting Bonnie and her mother to Sleep Well Motel. Meanwhile, his pet iguana Mr. Jones, is the mysterious creature who took the toys away from Bonnie's motel room by bringing Jessie and the others to Ron so he could sell them online. Afterwards, he notices Woody has been bought online. A mailwoman comes in and puts Woody in a box. Jessie goes into a box with a brave heart and goes into the truck to rescue Woody, reminded by what Combat Carl told her. Bonnie and her mom find out he is stealing Bonnie's toys. Mrs. Anderson stops him by calling the police. The cops then arrive at Sleep Well Motel, asking if Ron is the manager. He lies by saying no and takes their car, while smashing it by knocking over a lamp post. He flees away from the police by stealing their car, much to the police's annoyance, reporting they have a runner. It is possible that the police chased him and arrested him later on.


  • He spawns a similar personality to Al McWhiggin, the main villain of Toy Story 2. Both steal toys, but they have different evil plans. Al wanted to take Woody to a Japanese museum, and Ron wanted to sell the toys online.