Robert is a fictional character on Hey Arnold!.


He is a blonde haired kid with a green shirt and glasses. Like Peapod Kid, Robert is usually there "to make up the numbers" especially during team sports. He's never been called by name, but it appears on the scoreboard in "The Vacant Lot" and again on the scoreboard in "Benchwarmer". He is not to be confused with Robert Simmons.

Robert often participates in sports and team events, as seen in "The Vacant Lot" and "Benchwarmer". He is also one of the kids that is invited over to Arnolds to discuss going in on a go-kart together in "Helga Blabs It All". He is the kid that Helga has to step over to get to the door.

Robert does speak in the show, but usually he is a small voice in the crowd. For example, in "Benchwarmer" he says "Yes, Coach Wittenberg." in unison with the rest of the team. He does have one line in the episode "Hey Harold!", when he asks Patty if he can borrow a chair.

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