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Rizel is a major antagonist (Possibly the main antagonist) in Lastman and the man responsible for Dave MacKenzie's death. According to "The List" Rizel's real name is Charles Vales.


Rizel is abnormally short for an adult human, has long light brown hair (Which later turns white), flat cut bangs, white skin, one eye, and a large scar over where his right eye used to be.


Much about Rizel is unknown. He is a member of The Order Of The Lion and an archenemy of Richard Aldana and his friends. It's unknown how he lost his right eye but it came into the possession of Howard MacKenzie. The eye was destroyed when Howard broke into Kaiser Stark's art museum.

He tortured Dave MacKenzie to discover Siri's location. It's unknown if Dave divulged Siri's location, but Rizel killed him and showed up at Siri's school. Rizel began a bizarre ritual on Siri but was interrupted by Richard, who left Rizel in a burning building with a live grenade.

Despite the grenade exploding Rizel was later revealed to be alive and uninjured. He attempted to capture Siri again, but this time some terrifying force stopped Rizel and frightened him so much that his hair turned white.

For unknown reasons he can control electricity and can stop Richard's punches with two fingers.


Rizel is uncaring and ruthless, only interested in executing his plans. When Siri asked him what happened to Dave he said "Oh, I killed him.", implying he had to put in mental effort to even remember who Dave was. He murdered children and doctors to find Siri.


  • Richard Aldana - Rizel and Richard don't know each other but they are still bitter enemies due to Dave's murder.
  • Howard MacKenzie - Howard and Rizel have some sort of history, however the nature of which is unknown. They appear to be enemies.
  • Siri - Rizel needs Siri for some reason but hasn't attempted to capture her since the incident in the hospital. He fears whatever is protecting her.
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