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An evil alien witch bent on galactic domination, Rita Repulsa was the first villain the Power Rangers had to face. Most discernible by her two pointed hair cones, one may also recognize her by her screeching voice, Madonna-like cone bra, and obnoxious attitude. While she is sadistic and power hungry, her character would usually become humorous whenever the Power Rangers defeated her; this would end with the catchphrase "I've got such a headache!" As Rita then married Lord Zedd later on in the series, her humorous personality was increased (usually arguing with Zedd or her father, Master Vile).

Being a powerful witch, Rita possesses many magical abilities. In the first season, her wand was used as the recurring plot device to make her monsters grow to enormous sizes.

In the 2006 series Power Rangers: Mystic Force, she is the ruler of all good magic and can use that magic to defend herself if and when she needs to.

Carla Perez took over the role in the US after the character's reintroduction midway through the second season through the end of Power Rangers In Space.