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Ringo Yukimori

Ringo Yukimori is the main protagonist of Lilpri.


Ringo has short, pink hair with curled ends and brown eyes. She is short in height due to her age. Her usual outfit consists of a red headband, a white, puffy shirt tucked into her frilly skirt, a pink, lacy vest with a large, bright red bow and long brown boots. She also wears her pink scrunchie in case of any emergencies where she will have to transform.


Ringo is a very kind, young girl aspiring to become an idol and meet her admirer, Wish. She is very talented at cooking and loves helping her parents with the baking, however, she is also a heavy sleeper. Ringo is also very laid-back and usually never finishes her homework, but she is always willing to help others no matter how busy she may be.


Becoming a Lilpri[]

It started when Ringo was shopping with her mother and she saw some new picture books of Snow White. She runs across the street and as she was going to take the book, a line of Cinderella, Snow White and Kaguya Hime. After she reads the books, they disappear. Ringo, who was shocked, then asked for her mother to buy her eyedrops since she thinks that there's something wrong with her eyes. After that, she was seen selling the most delicious apple pies in the world with her parents nearby an auditorium where Wish's concert is going to be held.

At the auditorium, she tried to sneak in but it failed. Soon, a group of screaming girls rushed in and Ringo got involved. During that time, the Ma-pets appeared with three gems in their search for three princesses, but the three gems had chosen her along with Natsuki and Leila. The Ma-pets denied the fact that they were the princesses because they were still children, but later on had accepted them due to their Majesty. Sei gave her a pink gem and recognised her as Snow White. She lives a house over the family's bakery with her parents and 7 brothers. Her parents are bakers and are famous for their delicious apple treats.


  • Ringo (りんご): Ringo translates to apple which refers to her role as Snow White who fell asleep after eating a poisoned apple.