Riley Eugene Daring is one of the main characters on The Replacements. She and her brother Todd are the adopted children of Agent K and Dick Daring. She is the older, more responsible, more naive, and more trustworthy sibling who enjoys school. She is 12 and 13 in the first season and 14 in the second season.


Riley generally uses the Fleemco phone to replace mean or unfair adults. She enjoys playing baseball, playing the violin, horses, ponies, Hornet Hive Scouts, candy, and pretty much any form of sugar. At one point she was part of the Journalism staff at school.

She has a crush on Johnny Hitswell and they became a couple in season 2. But in "Heartbreak in the City", Johnny broke up with her because of her controlling attitude.

She has an imaginary unicorn friend named Rainbow Jumper. She gets a B average in school. She prefers playing country fiddle/country rock on the violin. She is a fan of Susie May, Dustin Dreamlake, and J.J. Baker. Riley loves reading and the library. Riley had braces when she was younger. Riley also has a mission: Get Todd to do the right thing and be selfless. Sugar makes Riley hyper.

In "The Spy That Wasn't Riley", Riley tries one of her dream careers as a spy instead of a window washer that the Career Day test and the ex-guidance counselor Mr. Leslie told her to be, and almost blows up Antarctica when she stows away on K's mission to stop Dr. Scorpius, but in the end Riley saves the day even though K's mission is too dangerous. In "She Works Hard For The Movie" we learn that Riley has an Aunt Debbie and her middle name is Eugene. In "Ratted out", she started to sing the very first song of the whole series entitled "My Rat Buddy".

In Davey Hunkerhoff, Riley replaces an old lifeguard with a younger and handsomer one named Davey Hunkerhoff and pretended to be in love with him in order to make her crush Johnny Hitswell jealous. However, Davey had fallen in love with Riley and was saddened when he learned that she was just using him to make Johnny jealous and quit his job as the lifeguard. After some urging from Todd, Riley finds Davey and apologies for what happened and in return does things for him to make up for it ( e.g. Peddling a bike to power a fan).

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