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"If you want to stay alive, then you gotta cut your own path to survival. That's all there is to it, right?"

  • Ri Shin (Kingdom)

"This young man, Shin of the Hi Shin Unit, is the reason for the high morale of all the Qin Soldier's in this region. In reality, he is fulfilling the role of a commander for this whole area."

  • Rin Ko on Ri Shin (Kingdom)

"In a battle of armies numbering tens of thousands of men...A 100 men is like a bean...a tiny existence. But even so...A bean has a bean's strength! If we can slip through an opening and concentrate our selves on a weak point, then even we can become an unbreakable rock!"

  • Ri Shin to General Ou Ki (Kingdom)

"Doesn't matter how many of us die, so long as he stays alive...The Hi Shin Unit will never die."

  • Den Ei on his captain, Ri Shin (Kingdom)

"An already fortunate citizen of Qin, blessed with even more luck."

  • Gyou'Un to Ri Shin (Kingdom)

"Suited to real combat. In other words, those who are capable of bringing out more power the stronger their opponent is. well, it's true that everyone possesses some amount of this trait but the difference it produces in this boy is simply ridiculous."

  • Rin Ko of the Four Heavenly Kings on Ri Shin (Kingdom)

"It's strange. For the longest time, I've been watching this boy. Just as Ri Boku-sama did. Observing him mature...His growth but...his rate of growth has been...Far greater than anything we predicted. Just when did he reach this level of strength?!"

  • Kei Sha on Ri Shin (Kingdom)

"Over and over again, right now, I think with just a bit more...I'll be able to overcome it...Overcome my limits that is!!!"

  • Ri Shin during his duel with Rin Ko of the Heavenly Kings (Kingdom)

" So basically and it really gives me the creeps to say this, but...We've got no choice but to fight together side by side, Ou Hon.

"Don't say that then just casually saunter your way in front of me, you idiot. Heheh quit ya bitching"
  • Ri Shin and Ou Hon (Kingdom)

"The difference was that we had three young pawns who rose up to the challenge and shouldered the burden. Not only did they manage to preserve the strength of their respective armies...They went a step further and demonstrated extraordinary resilience and strength in the face of overwhelming adversity. There is no doubt that it was the efforts of those three young men...That threw Ri Bkou's carefully constructed plans into complete disarray."

  • General Ou Sen acknowledging Ri Shin, his son Ou Hon, and Mou Ten (Kingdom)

Ri Shin is the main protagonist of the popular seinen manga and anime series Kingdom.


  • In his days as a servant, Ri Shin had no cooking skills what so ever.
  • Ri Shin is based on the actual real-life general of Qin, Li Xin.