Retro–Blade was originally a rod puppet created by André Toulon in Paris of France in 1902.


The puppet was to be used for a famous Theatre Magique puppet show about six damned mortals who are trapped in Hell. Valentin Thomson, a French puppeteer did the voice for him on stage. When the Egyptian sorcerer Afzel passed the secret of life onto Toulon, he was pursued by three of Sutekh's Mummy Servants who wanted to steal it back from him.

They killed all of Toulon's friends and he avenged them by putting their souls into the puppets and bringing them to life. Retro–Blade had small daggers for fingers and used them to help fight the mummies.

His soul was of Valentin, who was always known as having skilled hands and this trait carried on as he helped by making a special scar with his daggers on Toulon's arm, which was a protection symbol to ward off the mummies.

Many years later, during the second World War, Toulon built another puppet called Blade, this one was based on the evil Major Kraus who had murdered his wife Elsa. The name Blade may have been a homage to his original puppet.


  • He wears a monocle on his concept art and action figure, but he never wears one in the movie.

Differences from the other Blade

Seeing as he is an older puppet and amoung the first of Andre's Puppets, he (and the other Retros) bare some big differences between him and the Blade we see in the rest of the films:

  1. His skin is a wooden color (seeing as he was not painted) but the normal Blade has white skin.
  2. Blade has a slightly more ghost like face, but Retro–Blade has a more demonic face complete with fangs. (he also has black hair vs. normal Blade's white hair).
  3. He doesn't have Blade's "Bullet eyes".
  4. His coat is brown and the regular blades is black.
  5. He has both hands with three claws atop them, vs. the hook and knife we see Blade with.
  6. He wears what appears to be jeans against Common Blade's slack pants, though he still wears black shoes.


  • Retro–Puppetmaster
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archival footage)
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