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Renya Gouto is a Protagonist is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.


Boy with tall black short hair. Wear glasses. The first person is "I". Originally a future person who came from 2065 as well as Ryoko Shinonome and Ei Sekigahara. It seems that she was dating Shinonome when he was in middle school. Visited 1945, 2025, and 2105, working as the right arm of Chihiro Morimura. A bright and clear leader of 13 Protagonists who calmly bundle Machine Soldier Pilot. I use notepads unless I believe that the data on the computer can be tampered with. During the 2064 battle, he did not board the Machine Soldier and was an operator, avoiding brain damage from the virus. In 1985, a high school boy who attended Sakura High School. 2nd year group A. In the process of collecting information, a person who seems to be the "future me" in 2188 sees a record instructing someone to "discard Morimura to prevent planning." Machine Soldier's Activation Marker is Right Wrist.