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Rem Ayanokouji (綾小路 麗夢, "Ayanokouji Remu") is the Main Protagonist of Dream Hunter Rem.


While appearing to be a typical junior high school age girl, Rem's age is unclear and her family situation unknown, and she never discusses these matters. Rem has the psychic ability to enter the dreams of other individuals. She is a descendant of a long line of people with the ability to be "Dream Guardians," those who hunt down the demons who try to steal the life force of humans by invading their dreams. She makes her living as a private detective investigating supernatural matters. Her headquarters, the Ayanokouji Detective Agency, is located on a side street off Aoyama in Tokyo. As her investigations are limited to supernatural and bizarre phenomenon, her advertising is limited to word of mouth from grateful clients.


  • Alpha - Rem's pet kitten
  • Beta - Rem's pet puppy
  • Enkō - An ally from outside the dream world. He also has strong feelings of love toward Rem.
  • Junichirou Sakaki - He became acquainted with Rem during a demon nightmare incident involving his daughter Yukari.
  • Umimaru Kidō - He has strong romantic feelings toward Rem, and frequently battles Enkou for her attention.
  • Dr. Shinigami/Mephisto/Shimura - He share's the same Dream Guardian ancestry.



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Dream Hunter Rem

  • Dream Hunter Rem
    • Dream Hunter Rem Special Version: Sanmu! Yomigaeru Shinigami Hakase
  • Dream Hunter Rem II: Seibishinjo Gakuen no Yōmu
  • Dream Hunter Rem III: Yumegakushi, Kubinashi Musha Densetsu

New Dream Hunter Rem

  • New Dream Hunter Rem: Yume no Kishi-tachi
  • New Dream Hunter Rem: Massacre in the Phantasmic Labyrinth


  • Dream Hunter Rem V: Yume Circus Bishōjo Jigokuhen
  • Dream Hunter Rem: Floyd-jō Genmutan


Main Series

  • Dream Hunter Rem XX
  • Dream Hunter Rem Alternative


  • Party of Rem
  • Fiesta of Rem


  • Dream Hunter Rem I
  • Dream Hunter Rem II
  • Dream Hunter Rem III
  • Dream Hunter Rem SP


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Battle Form


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