Regina George
Background information
Feature films Mean Girls
Television programs
Video games
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by Rachel McAddams
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Mean, vain, spiteful
Occupation Student
Affiliations Plastics
Relatives Mrs. George (mother)

Mr. George (father)

Kylie George (sister)

Allies Gretchen Wieners

Karen Smith

Cady Heron (formerly)

Enemies Cady Heron

Janis Ian


Powers and abilities
Fate Hit by a bus and lives. Learns not to be a bully
Quote "I can't go to Taco Bell, I'm on an all carb diet. God Karen, you're so stupid!"

Regina George is the beautiful, blonde, filthy rich leader of The Plastics and self-appointed queen of the school. Regina was best friends with Janis Ian in Middle School, but then she got her first boyfriend, Kyle, in 8th grade. She blew Janis off to hang out with Kyle, and when she called Regina, upset that she ditched her for her boyfriend, Regina decided Janis was obsessively in love with her, and a lesbian. Regina didn't invite Janis to her birthday party, an all-girls pool party, telling everyone Janis was a lesbian. Things got so bad that Janis dropped out of school because nobody would talk to her.

Regina then became best friends with Gretchen Weiners, a spoiled rich girl that knows every secret and rumor in school, and good friends with Karen Smith, a stereotypical "dumb blonde." She was dating Aaron Samuels, but dumped him for Shane Omen. When she met Cady, Regina apparently thought she was beautiful, despite her clothes, and invited her to sit down with her and her friends. But when she found out Cady had a crush on her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, Regina pretended to hook Cady up with Aaron, but actually made up nasty rumors about her so Aaron wouldn't like her, then got back together with him! Cady made a plan with her actual friends, Janis Ian and Damian, to ruin Regina George's life. They gave her candy bars to make her gain weight, Cady kissed Aaron and then convinced him to dump Regina, turned her best friends against her, and Cady became the new "Queen Bee."

When she found out, Regina pretended not to care, but was really upset and humiliated that the whole school was cheering. When Cady tried to talk to her, Regina got hit by a bus. Hey, I'm editing this about Regina. She got tons of flowers from everyone who was afraid of her. She didn't become Spring Fling Queen, but got a lot of sympathy votes because she was hit by a bus.


  • Kyle
  • Aaron Samuels
  • Shane Omans


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