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An enemy resembling a monkey-like creature. Reggie is Rudy's arch-rival at a school taught by Mr. Wilter (other Chalkzone villian). He realy dumb, always gets F, and makes Rudy look bad in school.


He is a bully who loves using smaller children as erasers on the chalkboard.


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In ChalkZone[]

Reggie is Plainsville Elememtary's school bully. He constantly bullies and humiliates Rudy and Penny and gets them blamed for things that weren't their fault. Wilter constantly takes Reggie's side and punishes Rudy and Penny and Reggie gets off scot-free. However, there are several times when Reggie becomes a scapegoat. Reggie's most darkest role was in Reggie the Red when he discovered the forbidden red chalk under Wilter's desk and went into Chalk Zone and caused trouble. Rudy and Snap had to defeat him before he took over. When Reggie was about to kill Rudy, Rudy outsmarted Reggie by telling him not to take the chalk into the real world. Reggie went to the real world with the red chalk and hot himself on the head and his memory of ChalkZone vanished.


  • Has a dad name Bruno Bullnerd.