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Reed is a major character in the children's television series Fresh Beat Band of Spies airing on Nickelodeon.


Reed is the gadget guy of the spy team. He provides the Fresh Beats with useful inventions that help them catch criminals and solve mysteries. Reed often appears out of nowhere, causing the Fresh Beats to jump in surprise and yell, "Reed!" Though he does not take part in much of the action, Reed is a very important member of the team and a loyal friend to the Fresh Beats. Reed wears a pair of round green glasses and a brown fedora on his head.


  • Reed is voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Reed is one of three main characters turned into a werewolf in the episode "Werewolf Hairwolf." Twist and Bo Monkey are also turned into werewolves.
  • Reed was the name of a character in the original The Fresh Beat Band show. However, the live-action Reed did not wear glasses or a fedora, and had a much different voice.



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