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[Hunter went to Australia to recruit Dingo, wanted in the US for his activities as a member of the Pack. Using a E.M. generator, she disabled Matrix, thereby disabling Dingo. Appealing to Matrix' sense of law and order, and blackmailing Dingo for his criminal activities, Hunter recruited the duo. The three departed for Japan "to capture a tengu."

Some time later, the entire squad was in the helicopter, Redemption, when they were fired upon by their target's missiles; the helicopter was destroyed. The Matrix encased them all in a bubble, saving ther lives, but afterwards Fang escaped and went rogue.


  • The Redemption Squad was originally intended to appear in the Gargoyles spin-off, Gargoyles: Bad Guys.
  • Coldsteel was reportedly also intended to be included.
  • The concept of the Redemption squad is similar to the DC series, the Suicide Squad
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