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Rebekah Mikaelson is a former antagonist turned heroine in the Vampire Diaries and the female protagonist of The Originals, serving as the primary tritagonist (before Hayley Marshall filled that position) turned supporting yet major protagonist of the show.

In the Vampire Diaries, Rebekah was brutal, mean, sarcastic, jealous, dependent (mostly on Klaus) and rather competitive as she wanted the show's deuteragonist, Stefan Salvatore and slept with Damon just to spite Elena. As time went by, Rebekah became neutral and them became good and joined her brothers in New Orleans, while helping them fight for control in New Orleans and protecting Hayley and Klaus' child, Hope from the clutches of the witches (who are revealed to be controlled by Esther).

Her love with the show's teteragonist, Marcel Gerard is unrequited due to him being the King Of New Orleans and his power struggle with Klaus.

She is very close with her half-brother Niklaus, yet they have been made from close friends to enemies and back again as it was revealed that she conspired with Marcel to bring Mikael back to New Orleans to chase away Klaus but it lead to her, Klaus and Elijah to be exiled from New Orleans.

When Klaus finds this out, he becomes angry and goes to hunt down and kill Rebekah (which is arguably anti-villainous or both were in the wrong) but Elijah saved Rebekah by stabbing Niklaus with Papa Tunde's knife but Klaus hunts down Rebekah and Elijah at a cemetery, where a spell has been cast to trap any Original Vampire, so the 3 main protagonists were stuck.

Later on, Klaus and Rebekah reconciled and Klaus genuinly forgives Rebekah and allows her to leave New Orleans. However, when the witches attempted to kill Hope and the Guerreras have ruled New Orleans, Klaus, Elijah, Hayley and Marcel fake Hope's death and Klaus gives Hope to Rebekah for her to be looked after until New Orleans is safe. Rebekah agrees to find a witch that will do a spell to make sure that Hope isn't found.

However, when Esther finds Rebekah and Hope through her crows, Rebekah and Hope manage dodge the crows and they arrive in New Orleans, reuniting with Hope's parents, Klaus and Hayley and Elijah. Rebekah and Klaus will stage a plan to take down Esther once and for all.

Rebekah is portrayed by Claire Holt.


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