Ransik is the (former) main antagonist of Power Rangers: Time Force. Contents [show] HistoryRansik is a mutant fugitive from the year 3000, Ransik traveled through time to conquer the past.Ransik's PastRansik UnmaskedRansik unmaskedVenage237Added by Venage237Ransik was created by the very people he seeks to destroy. In the future, children are born in labs, with traits designated by their parents. Ransik is a product of this tampering, born from an accident in a lab. He raised himself in the underground, rejected from society. As the first mutant, he organized factions of other mutants to take the world away from those who fear and hate his kind.While roaming the dark parts of the city, he found three statues which were actually imprisoned Orgs. Since they had the same goal as him, to destroy humanity, Ransik set them free. The Org spirits copied his DNA and created bodies for themselves, making them Mutorgs. In exchange for freeing them, the Mutorgs gave Ransik the power to pull weapons from his body. While on the streets, Ransik was bitten by the poisonous mutant known as Venomark. Alone and dying, Ransik was taken in by Dr. Fericks, who developed a serum which Ransik would need to take for life. Ransik turned on Dr. Fericks, stealing the serum and his Cyclobot technology, and laying waste to the lab. Dr. Fericks survived the explosion, and became Frax. In a battle against the Rangers in 2001, Nadira was injured, making Ransik realize that his hatred of humans had to end, because in the end, it only causes more suffering. He turned himself over to Time Force. Wild ForceA year after incarceration, Ransik was called on by Time Force to aid them against a new threat - the Mut-Orgs. He agreed to help them, and travelled to the year 2002, where the Mut-Orgs went to ally themselves with Master Org. As the Mut-Orgs powered up their Spirit Bomb attack, Ransik blocked it, causing an explosion which destroyed their mutant halves, allowing the Rangers to defeat them. The explosion also destroyed Ransik's mutant half, making him wholly human.Powers & PersonalityRansik has powers include telekinesis, teleportation, energy projection, and the abilty to pull weapons from his own body. Ransik is ruthless and cunning and has a hatred towards both humans and robots. Despite being ruthless, Ransik shows a loving side towards his daughter Nadira

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