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Randy is an average high schooler who tries to fit in and be cool. There are many times where he tries doing risky things that could possibly get him into a lot of trouble, like busting Bash's party (House of 1,000 Boogers), spitting into a volcano (Monster Dump), and using the Ninja powers to fix a science project (Dawn of the Driscoll). Often he forgets that his actions have consequences, which can accidentally or purposely result in major problems for himself and the people around him. As time goes on, though, he realizes when the situation is his fault, and takes responsibility to fix it as much as possible.


He is apparently not very smart, as seen in especially science class, or he could just be lazy. Despite his ignorance, he is quick-witted in ninja situations, creating techniques, and normal life situations.

He can be inconsiderate, impatient, and a bit bossy like his attitude with the NinjaNomicon, but is a loyal friend and has the heart of a hero, the perfect ideals of a Ninja. He also keeps his promises, for example, when Howard asked him to promise to stay in the locker for 10 seconds and he did even though Howard farts and closes the locker door. Howard can be troublesome and rude, but fortunately Randy is usually forgiving with Howard's actions. He can treat Howard unfairly or uncaring at times, like saying Howard didn't have any understanding of having a duty, but he does his best to make it up, and works hard at balancing their friendship and his job as the Ninja.

When Randy gained the mask and became the Ninja, he thought it was butt-kicking and hitting, but discovers it is very hard fighting against robots and monsters, and soon gets used to it. He becomes quite serious with the job, which strains and sometimes nearly breaks his friendship with Howard. Ever since he became the Ninja, he becomes more mature bit by bit in each episode with the proverbs he learns and understands from the Nomicon.

Randy is very slim built compared to his best friend Howard. Randy is also somewhat taller. He has natural tyrian purple hair and sapphire blue eyes. Comparing his appearances without a shirt in "Got Stank?" and "Ninja Camp", he seems to have gained some muscle, probably because of his ninja duties.

Randy is always (except as ninja) seen wearing a red McTop with a white line that curls up to form the same symbol which is found on the cover of the NinjaNomicon and the Ninja Suit. He also has a greenish-gray McHoodie with wavy sleeves and pockets, black McSkinnies that fit very well with the rest of his outfit, and he is seen wearing purple zip-up McKicks.