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Rancis Fluggerbutter is a character in Wreck-It Ralph. He is one of the racers from Sugar Rush, and he is also one of the children who had bullied Vanellope for her status as a glitch. He is part of a large group of children, but seemed to usually be with Taffyta and Candlehead. He seems to be a close to Taffyta and her group. He is associated with peanut butter cups and drives a chocolate vehicle called the Kit Kart, a parody of the Kit Kat bar.


Rancis always seems very dedicated in his endeavors, whether it be bullying Vanellope or racing for the Sugar Rush Cup. Often Rancis is seen looking at himself in the rearview mirror or primping; when interacting with others he is usually shown smirking or gloating, suggesting he is somewhat egotistical and considers others as a source of amusement. In One Sweet Race, Rancis's softer side comes to light when he falls victim to Taffyta's teasing. Determined to win a trophy, Rancis ends up selling all his possessions to buy a superior kart.

His character is more fleshed out in One Sweet Race as he is shown to have never won a Sugar Rush cup and had worked hard to win one, even going so far as to go to sell all of his belongings to go to the bakery and buy the best kart there was, only to crash it due to his inexperience. He is shown in a more sympathetic light as a person who works hard to achieve his goals, can be sensitive as he was hurt by Taffyta's remarks about him never being able to win a Sugar Rush cup, and a hard worker as he did not give up in trying to win.


Wreck-It Ralph[]

He is one of the racers who places his coin in the winner's cup and witnesses Vanellope enter the race with the Medal of Heroes. He followed Taffyta to the junk yard to confront Vanellope and ruin her chances of competing by destroyed her home-made kart. Then he is scared off by Ralph. Later, he appears at the race where Vanellope is missing. He happily enjoys racing and then sees Vanellope in his mirror and alerts Taffyta. He smiles with the girls at supposedly getting rid of her, but get taken by surprise when she teleports in front of them. Then he falls into a cupcake looking shocked.

After Ralph gets rid of the cy-bugs and helps Vanellope cross the finish line, he returns after she transforms into her true royal self and then regains his memory of Vanellope being a princess. He tries to explain it only a joke, but Vanellope responds saying as their "merciful princess" that she decreed anyone who was mean to her would be executed, much to his fright and despair. Then she reveals she was just kidding and therefore forgiving them. Then he watches Vanellope glitch around the environment, claiming she did't want to be a princess and notices Winchell asks who was going to lead them without a princess, to which Vanellope said she would, but as president. He accepts her with them and continues racing in the game.

Ralph Breaks the Internet[]

Six years later, he still races, but when Ralph tried to make Vanellope a new track, it ends up in disaster. He shows up with Taffyta and Candlehead to show them there was a problem and confronts Ralph, whom Vanellope defended. He leaves in a panic when Litwak unplugs Sugar Rush and despairs about being homeless after coming to Fix-It Felix Jr. Then when Felix and Calhoun decide to adopt him and the other children, he rejoices and starts roughhousing the apartment. But after Ralph purchases the steering wheel and returns, he is happy and races with Taffyta on friendly terms.


  • Vanellope and Rancis in One Sweet Race

    Rancis celebrating a victory in One Sweet Race.

    Rancis is one of the only three boy racers along with Gloyd Orangeboar and Swizzle Malarkey.
  • "Rancis" is a portmanteau of "Francis" and "Reese's".
  • In One Sweet Race it says he is bullied just like Vanellope because he has never won a Sugar Rush Cup race.
  • Rancis' go-kart is the Kit Kart, playing on the name of the Kit-Kat candy bar, and is made of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.


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