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Raindrop is the main character of Master Raindrop. His voice actor is Josh Anderson.


Raindrop is the 12-year-old water element. His skin and eyes are blue and he has no hair or ears. Its head is shaped like a drop of water. It has the ability to control the water. He fights mainly with Flamo, who is someone like his archenemy.


When General Bu and Flamo visit the martial arts school where Master Yun trains him and Shao Yen. The Master is able to hide his apprentices in front of Bu, causing Bu to kidnap Master Yun instead, and then orders Flamo to burn the school, which he does immediately.

Meanwhile, Raindrop and Shao Yen manage to escape and soon join the rest of the elements: Jin Hou and Niwa. They know about the Great Golden Dragon, but cannot restore it without the last element which is precisely the Flamo.


  • Water Powers: Raindrop is able to generate and manipulate water. Due to budget problems in the series, this power is used in a very limited way, even though it’s his main power.
    • Water Balls: Raindrop can form small water balls through the moisture in the air. He is unable to use this ability inside or near burning locations and objects. It's one of the few powers that involve water in its liquid state.
    • Ice Generation:
      • Ice Fist: This power consists of Raindrop launching an ice thorn through his fist to attack his enemies (mostly General Bu's clay Cannon Fodders).
      • Ice Blocks: This power consists of Raindrop generating large blocks made of ice.
        • Imprisonment: In "Originality" he creates a great ice block around Flamo and Grub to imprison them and after does the same with a doppelganger of him and impersonate it.
        • Boardsporting: In "Honesty", Raindrop made an ice board for him and his friends to run down a hill quickly to escape General Bu.
  • Chitaido fighting: He learned Chitaido with his master, Yun.
  • Fusion: He is able to fuse with the other elements to become the Golden Dragon. It's unknown if he still has that power after being permanently separated from Golden Dragon at the end of the series.