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Ragou is a minor antagonist in Tales of Vesperia. He is the corrupt magistrate of Nor Harbor who rules over Capua Nor with an iron fist.


Nor Harbor has been experiencing storms, making it hard for the people there to make a living off of the port commerce. To make things worse, Ragou harshly taxes his people. If someone cannot afford his taxes, Ragou sends his mercenaries to take their loved ones—including children—as collateral. He keeps these loved ones in a basement full of monsters. When the heroes confront him over this, he explains that he finds people getting eaten by monsters to be entertaining. Ragou offers only one hope to his people: If they kill a vicious monster and bring back its horn as proof, they will never have to pay taxes again. Of course, this monster would make short work of most people who try to fight it. The heroes eventually discover that the storms around Nor Harbor are created by a special Blastia in Ragou's mansion, showing that he orchestrated the suffering of his people for his own amusement. When Ragou is later tried for his crimes, he uses his power in the Council to receive a lighter sentence, which does not set well with Yuri Lowell, who takes matters into his own hands and kills Ragou on a bridge in Dahngrest. Ragou's body later appears as the basin of Heliord.


A sinister man, Ragou terrorizes the citizens of his city, breeding dangerous monsters and forcing those unable to pay his taxes to be killed by the monsters in an underground chamber of his estate.