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PuppyCat is the deuteragonist of Bee and PuppyCat.


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PuppyCat came into Bee's life under strange circumstances. After she takes care of him, he decides to help her by letting her come along on his job to make some cash. Not much is known about PuppyCat's mysterious past, but it may be tied to the fairytale that he tells.


PuppyCat is secretive and aloof. He considers himself a figure of high status, once referring to a ladybug as his "peon" and calling Deckard a peasant, ordering him to carry groceries. Furthermore, he considers himself to be "cool",which he expresses when wanting a leather jacket.

He can be cold and mean, as seen in "Food", where he repeatedly ruins Bee's and Deckard's cooking. However, he does this by pushing objects from cupboards, etc., a behavior cats are known to exhibit. It is possible that due to his (current?) form, he shows cat-like behavior.

He does not appear to be a bad person, since he let Bee tag along on his Temp jobs in the first place and at least cares enough about her not to let her die during their jobs.


  • PuppyCat smells like a dog.
  • He has no butt cleavage.
  • PuppyCat's voice is by the VOCALOID, OLIVER.