PuppetMon seems to be a strong digimon, but even stronget seem to be his minors, spetialy CheryMon. He actually succedes to make Digidestined to split apart, which allowed PuppetMon to use MetalGaruruMon in reaching his own goals. PuppetMon was unfortunatly ( or fortunatly ) not smart enough to listen to CheryMon's sayings, and instead of this he killed his main minor. The thing which PuppetMon haven't had ware FRIENDS, and that what CheryMon wanted to tell him, and this was also the reasone that lead his to the end. He was killed by MetalGaruruMon after loosing almost all of his powers. In couple episodes when the digidestined faced PuppetMon, MatalEteMon appeared again and had a little fight with PuppetMon, which wasn't realy important, but it saved Joe and Mimi their lives.

PuppetMon was a puppet digimon, and looked somehow funny. Though I wouldn't like to have such a doll. He wared this blue shorts and red hed with the virus type sign on it. PuppetMon's atacks are however very strong, using Puppet Pummel for instance he easely destroyed CheryMon which was on Ultimate Level, which isn't a low one.

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