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Puffy Tolte is the Main Protagonist of the Video Game Final Fantasy Comic Version.


  • Race: Elf
  • Gender: Female
  • Class: Fighter → Knight


Originally, it was a signboard girl in an elf town of another world. Is summoned as one of Warrior of Light. After that I had a monster hunter with Matoya. By the way, I also met Matoya even in the world he was in, but he seems not to be the same person. In recognition of the kidnapping case of Princess Sarah of Garland he is aware that he is Warrior of Light. Then fight against four pairs of Chaos. After finally defeating Chaos, he returned to the former world, he worked as a signboard girl in the inn. He was comforting Garland who was swayed.

It seems that there seems to be a feeling that only the hairstyle is conscious of the original work for the time being (The job is a warrior, I think it's pretty light-dressed up to the middle stage).

I asked Bikke for Excalibur, but I thought that it would be useless if he did not come back. Personally I think that the description of this place, variety of her thoughts was good.

There is also a scene that spirits speech that seems to be brave at the final battle.

  • Puffy "Not yet ..."
  • Chaos "!?"
  • Puffy "There's still more ... I have not finished yet"
  • Chaos "!!"
  • Puffy "You are the one who can not defeat us !!"
  • Chaos "Why ... Why, why ... Why can you defeat me? Why ... can you break the chain when you close?"
  • Puffy "Because we are not residents of this world"
  • Chaos "What !?"
  • Puffy "I came from outside of your" closed time "world ... It's because it is a" different world warrior "! It is! "



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