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Pudding is a main character and the overall deuteragonist of the Space Channel 5 video games, as well as the secondary antagonist in the first two installments. She is a lead reporter for Channel 42 and the arch rival of Ulala, who she is always trying to beat. Pudding is arrogant, self-centered, and an egomaniac who lets nothing get in her way. However, she and Ulala can always agree on the same thing: there are bigger threats in the Galaxy other than rivalries.

Pudding was first introduced in the first report in Space Channel 5 as a boss and antagonist, and is the first reporter Ulala meets during the series. Since meeting Ulala, Pudding has stopped at nothing to make sure that everyone thinks she is better than the Channel 5 reporter.

In Space Channel 5, Pudding has few speaking lines but delivers a cute antagonizing role, and is one of the two secondary antagonists of the game, alongside the Morolians. However, although she does help Ulala to stop Blank, she has not changed her ways, and still wants to be the best reporter of her generation.

In Space Channel 5 Part 2, Pudding returns with more dialogue, but her role is ur down much shorter. She appears as a boss and a rival in Report 2, and later goes on to help Ulala, Pine, Space Michael, and the others to stop Purge before he takes over the Galaxy.

Pudding also goes on to be a recurring character in the Sega Superstars series as a playable character, including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and Sega Superstars Tennis. Pudding also returned as a minor character in the latest Space Channel 5 sequel, Kinda Funky News Flash!.

Concept and creation

Pudding was created to be the opposite of Ulala - antagonizing, rude, and opposing. Although not purposely designed to be as sexually appealing as Ulala, Pudding wanted to be recognized for her cute appearance and small one-liners, while also being antagonizing at the same time. Pudding’s character was created, written, and developed by Takumi Yoshinaga, and was designed by Yumiko Miyabe for both Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5 Part 2. In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, her character was possibly remodeled by Gareth Wilson.[1]


Pudding is a peach-paled skinned woman with light blue eyes and long, teal-green dreadlocks formed together in a large, blue hairband on the center top of her head that hangs down her pack. She has a small, pointed nose and small, pink lips and stands taller than five feet and eight inches.

In the first part of Space Channel 5, Pudding wears a small, blue dress that cuts before her knees. She also wears long, white gloves that extend nearly to her armpits, as well as a pair of long, white boots with blue heels, and a blue jetpack that is held behind her back. Pudding also wears a pair of blue headphones, and a large, blue hairband that holds her dreadlocks. On the right side of her chest, Pudding has a pink tattoo that reads "42", signifying her relations with Channel 42. She also wears a blue choker.

In Space Channel 5 Part 2, Pudding wears an almost identical outfit to hero original. Her dress still remains blue, and is now a two-piece, a skirt and a bra-like top that exposes her entire belly. Pudding still wears her blue jetpack, her blue headphones, blue headband, and, also still having her tattoo in contact. For boots, they are white that reach just below the knee, and Pudding also wears black fishnet socks. For her gloves, they remain white, and only extend to her elbows. She also wears a silver chiller, much like her blue one.

As with most characters, Pudding wears a set of propulsion canisters along with her outfit, which are blue in most games, but white in VR and silver (and blue in some areas) in Part 2.[1]


Pudding is arrogant, egotistical, and a narcissistic reporter whose always trying to be the best at everything, which explains why she has no trouble taking down Ulala when she gets the chance. Pudding shows little respect towards others who are not in close relations with her, and has no problem taking down people she doesn’t tolerate. Pudding is also shown to be a soar loser, especially when she fails in battles. Although she may seem like a total incompetent, Pudding is very aware of bigger threats in the Galaxy, and will put her trust and respect into the winning side to help stop the evil, including Ulala.

Always the vain one, Pudding is never one to back down from a challenge unless she has been humiliated to an extent. Her competitive attitude and jealousy towards Ulala is mostly likely caused by her sometimes childish personality, and her natural competitive side from her days as a teen idol. Pudding also has quite the temper when she doesn't get her way. This usually goes hand-in-hand with her being humiliated such as in Part 2's second report when she shouts “I quit!” after being beaten by Ulala.

Despite this, Pudding seems to have respect to those with better skills than her; she treats Ulala nicer in Part 2 when issuing a challenge to her unlike in the first game. However, she still likes to butt in on other's shows on most occasions, and doesn't hesitate to gloat when she is performing well.[1]



During her teen years, Pudding was recognized for her talents as fame, while being recognized as a teen idol. Eventually, on her sixteenth birthday, Pudding received a nose job in order to make herself look prettier and more fashionable and appealing to other audiences. She would later go on to get a second one before she turned nineteen.

At some point, Pudding stepped down from her teen idol years and landed a job as a reporter for Channel 42, and eventually would get a tattoo to symbolized her relations with the network. She eventually became the host of her own show, called “Pudding’s Rockin’ Show”.

The Morolian Invasion

Pudding during the Morolian Invasion, hypnotized by Morolians.

Pudding arrives at Spaceport 9 with her bodyguards and introduces herself to Ulala and Channel 5 by taking part in a dance battle against the newest Channel 5 recruit. If failed, Pudding will leave Ulala with her henchmen and continue on. If won, Pudding will yell “retreat” and take off with only one of her bodyguards, the other joining Ulala.

Pudding and her bodyguards, alongside other reporters (including 88MAN), attempt to beat Ulala to the Morolian secret base located within the Asteroid Belt. Pudding uses her pink variant of her hovercraft, the Spacebird 42. After Ulala either beats or fails against Jaguar and the Space Pirates, Pudding makes it inside the secret base, beating Ulala to the scoop. Inside, Pudding is kidnapped and hypnotized by Morolians and forced to dance. To help, Ulala makes an attempt to save Pudding from the aliens. If Ulala saves Pudding, she will fly away on her Spacebird 42 and shout “thanks, anyway.” If failed, Pudding is taken away by the Morolians, and eventually escapes later on.

The demise of Chief Blank

Pudding drives the pink Spacebird 42.

Because of Ulala’s attempt to save Pudding, she joins with Jaguar and Ulala to stop Chief Blank after finding out the Morolians themselves were being enslaved and hypnotized. Pudding helps to save the Morolians alongside the other two, and to help track down Blank to make sure he doesn’t take over the Galaxy. On their way, she helps to save Space Michael and Boss Hoorg from hypnosis, and eventually takes the elevator up and is confronted by Blank’s newest creation, Evila, a mimic and copy of Ulala. Pudding helps Ulala and Jaguar by assisting in a dance battle against the robot.

Shortly after, Blank reveals himself after he is seen controlling Giant Evila, and each three take flight on their hovercrafts and attempt to stop Blank. Not long after, Blank realizes how much power he could have with his rating, and knocks Pudding into deep space. At the end of the report, Pudding returns with many other people across the Galaxy to watch Ulala take on Blank in the Blank Dimension, and tells her to hold on. Afterwards, Ulala and Blank return to the real world, and Pudding helps Ulala to take on Blank. Near the end, Pudding confronts Blank and exclaims she felt use. Using dance power, she takes out Blank with the others, and helps Ulala lead the March to the end of the Galaxy.

The kidnapping of President Peace

Pudding interrupts Ulala’s show.

Before Ulala encounters Shadow, Pudding can be seen doing her show in the lobby, strolling similar to Ulala, hinting that she is copying her style.

In an attempt to save President Peace, Ulala is interrupted by Pudding and her bodyguards. Pudding has taken on a new role as a guitarist and invites Ulala into taking apart in a guitar battle. If Ulala wins, Pudding will storm off the stage with both bodyguards, and Ulala will cheer in surprise, while also strumming her guitar. If failed, Pudding will tell Ulala it was too easy, and will leave quickly, leaving Ulala in despair and silence.

Over the news, Pudding hears of the President Peace ransom held by Purge and attempts to get to the scoop.

Pudding dashes past all of the other reporters, shouting “the scoop is mine!” Before boosting away, she waves to Ulala and attempts to reach President Peace before anyone else, not realizing that the ransom is a trap presented by Purge to give him an advantage to steal antennas from multiple channel broadcasting stations across the Galaxy.

Purge’s uprising and destruction

Pudding and the others save Jaguar.

Eventually, the Channel 42 antenna is stolen by Purge, and Pudding can be seen as stress on the news, holding her arm up to her face in a frozen image.

After Channel 5 Studios blows up and Ulala and the crew escaping, Pine sends out a broadcast asking for help, and gets the attention of Pudding, who tracks down the reading and attempts to join forces.

Pudding shows up in what appears to be a secret lair. Ulala and Space Michael notice Pudding behind them, and she explains that she and her crew heard Pine’s broadcast, and laughs. Startled by him, Pudding quickly turns around to notice Hoorg is present. The reporters continue to sneak though the lair before noticing Pine, who tells them her reading on Purge and the President points in a certain direction. Shortly after, the alarm goes off, and the reporters are caught. They quickly dance though obstacles before escaping the trap. Shortly after, they fall though a secret door and are surrounded by loads of Rhythm Rogues. Pudding and the others quickly take out their chu beams and prepare to attack. Once done, Pudding helps Ulala close out before commercial break by saying “tuned.”

After defeating them, they continue on and notice a bright white room, where Shadow immediately appears with a band of Rhythm Rogues. While the others prepare their musical instruments, Pudding pulls out her guitar, and they take part in a instrumental battle. After they defeat them, Pudding notices Shadow is Jaguar, and watches as Ulala tries to save him. After rescuing the reporter, Jaguar tells them that Purge is using the antennas for his own TV show (The Purge TV Show). Pudding and the others then take the hovercraft up to the stadium.

The Purge T.V Show

Pudding confronts Purge on his TV show.

Pudding and the others notice Purge and the antennas. Pudding acknowledges that the antennas are used to suck of the dance energy from the audience of “fans” that were kidnapped. Purge then confesses that he will make the whole Galaxy dance, and Pudding and the others attempt to take down the Rhythm Rogues. After beating them, Pudding, Pine, Hoorg, Space Michael, and Jaguar are blocked off by an invisible wall, while Ulala is able to go on and confront Purge.

Later, while Ulala’s on conscious, Pudding and Pine are the first two to help Ulala regain consciousness. Eventually, Ulala awakes, and Pudding and several of Ulala’s allies attempt to dance and stop Purge from taking over the Galaxy with his new mechanics. In the end, Pudding helps Ulala dance and sing, which helps to get rid of Purge from the Galaxy. Pudding, after saving the Galaxy, helps to lead the March to the end of the Galaxy once again.

Glitter’s uprising

Pudding high fives Kee/Lou.

When Ulala, Kee, and Lou are going though the asteroid belt, 88MAN and Shinichiro Tachibana dash by them, followed by Pudding, who rides her Spacebird 42. She waits a moment and waves to the three, before dashing off shouting “Whoohoo!”

Pudding is later captured off screen by Glitter. She appears as a hostage of Glitter and the Othermoros along with Ulala, The Jaguars (Kell, Bello and Soon-soon), Tachibana and 88MAN. Pudding is finally saved by Jaguar, Kee, and Lou, leaving her to join forces with them to save Ulala and the others and defeat Glitter. After being defeated, Pudding and the rest of the heroes celebrate by dancing and come to see Glitter’s true form.

At the end of the game, the credit sequence will eventually cut to Pudding who will fist bump the player.

Other game appearances

Ulala’s Cosmic Attack

Space Channel 5: Ulala’s Cosmic Attack is a replica of the original Space Channel 5, sharing the same exact gameplay of the original game, except with low quality graphics and a remake for the GameBoy. Pudding appears in the game, with the same role as the original, although her speaking roles are much shorter, and her voice is changed to a higher pitch.

Ulala’s Channel J

In the canceled mobile game Ulala’s Channel J (exclusive to Japan), Pudding had her own mini game.

Sega Superstars Tennis

Pudding is unlocked at the Space Channel 5 Planet by winning a singles championship in Sega Superstars Tennis. Her Superstar State is “Guitar Showdown”, where she hits the ball to go in many directions at great speeds, similar to Ulala’s Superstar State. During her Superstar State cutscene, Pudding strums her guitar several times, while also changing her outfit from her original to her more recent look.

In this game, most of Pudding’s lines come from Larissa Murray’s archive voice clips, but also uses Sumalee Montano’s for mostly when Pudding hits the ball.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Before the games first update, Pudding was indirectly mentioned in one of Ulala’s archive lines in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Pudding in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

Pudding is an unlockable character who can be bought with 50 stars in World Tour (64 stars on the 3DS). She is also one of the only two playable Space Channel 5 characters, the other being Ulala.

Pudding's vehicle is based on the green variant of the Spacebird 42, either being a replica of the vehicle or an upgraded version. As a car, it has blue wheels with yellow writing that includes the Space Channel 5 logo, as well as reading Channel 42. As a plane, it looks almost similar to its original, although Pudding is sitting inside it. As a boat, it almost looks like the plane variant, only that the bottom of the vehicle curves upwards, not downwards.

To unlock Pudding, the player must beat her sprint in Twilight Engine, only having three chances. Once beaten, if the player has the right amount of currency, will be able to purchase Pudding afterwards.

Her All-Star Move plays Guitar Showdown from Space Channel 5 Part 2, the music from her guitar causing nearby to fly off track or crash into nearby walls and obstacles, causing her opponents to slow down drastically.

SEGA Heroes

In SEGA Heroes, an idea for Space Channel 5 was pitched for the game, including both Ulala and Pudding. However, the mobile game was canceled in the spring of 2020, and the characters were never added.