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Protagonist is a Main Protagonist of Metal Max 3.


Redhead's Youth who lost Memory. Found in Cadaver in Story Beginning and Resuscitation by Doctor Mince. Arm Strength Physical Strength Speed protrudes from Lv.1 and has high Battle Power. But, the advantage doesn't last long, and it gets average performance as the adventure progresses. In addition, although the handling is Hunter, HP and high speed are low from general-purpose Hunter, and there is some differentiation. The name is set at the start, but there is no memory, so the first event will use the pseudonym of "Drum Can ~" (Drum Can in Menu), and if you advance Story to some extent, whether to change to the set Name or not You can choose. Get the ability to transform to Monster after the opening event. Transform significantly increases the ability, but the number of times of use is very small and can not be manipulated after use, and becomes dying when Transform is solved. The lines are all options, but some have a contemporary youthful tone. Its identity is Wanted Monster "Blade Tooth" of Clan Number 3. It was originally a mere Hunter, but was abducted by the Cold-blooded Party, and became an object of human experimentation as the experimental body 1313. It became Blade Tooth by being transplanted and washed with Metamorph Cells. In addition, the side effects of Metamorphine have obscured my consciousness. The cause of memory loss is the side effect of Metamorphine or the shock at resuscitation (the memory before remodeling is unknown). The Metamorph Activator seems to have been transformed at all times, and even Clan Numbers saw him as a Blade Tooth and did not notice it. I hate Gratnos, who transformed herself into Monster, and swear by Ozma that it will defeat Gratnos, when brainwashing has been broken. However, it is defeated by force. At this time, Gratnos was surprised by the Protagonist who transformed without the Metamorph Activator, and was excluded from the Metamorph Cells before being restricted as a research object. He later escapes, but is killed by the chase and sinks to Tia Lake. It was Doctor Mince that brought this back to life. As the reason why Transformability is possible even after Metamorph cells are removed, Gratnos infers that "the cell nucleus may reverse-transcribe Metamorph cells". The point is that Protagonist's cells are metamorphized. Because of this, except for the red line on the face, it remains the only human form among Humans that has been transplanted with Metamorph cells.