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Princess Liliana is the daughter of King Plumpfeather and Queen Hildread who was captured by Dudley. Rescuing her was the main objective of Jacksmith for he needed the reward money.

After he rescued her, Queen Hildread bestowed him a kiss from Princess Liliana.

Flipdeck info

Hometown: Plumpfeather Kingdom
Loves: Jacksmith
Hates: Mice
Occupation: Princess

Princess Liliana is the only child of the King and Queen, and sole heir to the entire Plumpfeather Kingdom. This pampered princess loves attention, and per royal decree, one must always compliment her beauty when graced with her presence. Liliana can be rather moody at times, ranging from giddy excitement to raging tantrums. Liliana’s unrequited heart still yearns for her knight in shining armor, Jacksmith.