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Porto is a fictional character and one of two main characters in the fictional creepypasta horror-survival game, Killswitch. According to the original creepypasta story, Killswitch was a precursor to the Myst and Silent Hill franchises. Porto is a visible human woman, and because of the difficulty in which Ghast was to control, Porto became the default character.

Porto has a singular ability; the ability for random growth. She expanded and contracted in size throughout the game. An alleged Kansas engineering grad student claimed to have Porto's random growth pattern figured out, but his work was ultimately lost.

In Killswitch

Porto first awakens in the dark with wounds to her elbows, confused. As she attempts to escape, Porto ascends through levels of coal mine in which it is slowly revealed that she was a former employee, investigating the collapse and beset on all sides by demons that are similar to Ghast, as well as dead foremen, coal-golems, and demonic inspectors from the Sovatik Corporation, whose boxy bodies were clothed in red.