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Pongo is the main protagonist in the 1961 Disney animated feature film One Hundred and One Dalmatians, its sequel, its 1996 live-action adaptation and its television series. He is the 18 year old husband of Perdita and father of 15 puppies and adopted father of 84 more puppies.

Pongo has been voiced by Rod Taylor, Kevin Schon, Michael Bell and Samuel West.


Initially, Pongo is the loyal pet of Roger Radcliffe. He cares deeply for Roger, going so far as to find Roger a wife so that they may leave their boring bachelor life behind. Afterwards, he becomes a loving husband to Perdita and a carefree father to their puppies. In comparison to Perdita, Pongo is the more laid-back parent, but remains to protect their children. Pongo is extremely clever, and is usually the one to make the plans that help his family, such as disguising the entire group as Labradors to avoid detection. Pongo was happy and sweet to his puppies, because he likes to make his children glad, without making them upset.

Disney Parks[]

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Pongo makes no live appearances at the parks, but holds a few tributes. At Walt Disney World Resort's Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, an oversized statue of Pongo can be seen at the 101 Dalmatians section of the hotel.

Pongo has a prominent role in the Walt Disney World interactive game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Here, Pongo serves as the guide for the mission to defeat Cruella on Main Street USA and teams up with the park guests and Merlin the Wizard in a quest to stop Cruella from retrieving part of the crystal of the Magic Kingdom. In this attraction, Pongo communicates with the park guests through barks translated by Merlin. Pongo also has his own spell card called "Pongo's Soot Bucket".

Pongo is also featured in the Disney Cruise Line interactive game Midship Detective Agency. Here, Pongo's puppies are once again stolen. To save them, he teams up with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofyto search the ship to find them and discover which villain committed the crime.


  • Perdy and Pongo by Deathscent

    Pongo and Perdita.

    If you listen closely, when Pongo and Perdita attack Jasper and Horace, their growls and snarls sound like Tramp's.
    • Also, some of their growls and snarls are recycled sound effects from Old Yeller when he was fighting the wolf.
  • Pongo's bark is later given to Toby from "The Great Mouse Detective".


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