Polly in the original movies

Polina Kingston Jessamyn Alice "Polly" Pocket is the main protagonist of the toyline and various cartoons of the same name. 


In the Korean-Canadian animated films from 2004 to 2006, Polly is portrayed as a student at a high school. She has the best friends Lila, Shani, Crissy, Lea and Kerstie Perx, together they form the band "Polly and the Pockets", of which Polly is the lead singer. She always uses the advantage of their money to help their friends on their needs but is envied by her classmate Beth who hates Polly, accusing her of being a spoiled girl and creating plans to get her away from her friends. Her parents are very busy and are never seen with her at home being under the care of her faithful butler Samuel. She has a cousin named Pia that becomes a member of the band in the second film.

Lunar Eclipse

In the first film, Polly helps Lila to do her homework to avoid being reproved in the studies, while Beth, Evvie and Tori plan to ruin it. She and her friends travel to a water park and together save a dolphin that was trapped between the formation of the rocks on the beach.

2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza

Polly and her friends spend their vacation at the Pocket Plaza while her parents are on a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland, in Scandinavia. While preparing for a new show with his band Polly gets a visit from Pia, her cousin from London. Realizing that Pia had a very boring life being protected by his aunt Throckmorton she decides to switch places with Pia for her to enjoy the fun of the hotel. Aunt Throckmorton doesn't agree with American culture and hates Pia not acting like a true Brit, and after mistaking Polly for Pia, Beth convinces her to kidnap Polly. Aunt Throckmorton eventually realizes there's nothing wrong with being in a band and lets Pia be independent, as well as apologizing to Polly for kidnapping her.

Polly World

Polly is reunited with her father, John. Polly Pocket and her friends get to be part of their favorite TV show, 'Roll Like That', that occurs in the recent amusement park: Polly World, named after Polly. However, Polly learns that her father is engaged to a woman named Lorelai, who secretly wants to get Polly out of the way. Meanwhile, Beth tries to overcome Polly in the challenges to be famous.

2010s Australian-Canadian CGI series

In this series, Polly does various things ranging from vlogs with her friends and a boy named Rick, to going on adventures or having sleepovers with her friends.

2018 Irish-Canadian TV series

In this TV show cartoon, she is a clever and curious inventor who's always looking for fun adventures. Being a crafter, she is able to pierce together inventions from objects she has laying around. She is very confident in herself, taking many opportunities as a personal challenge. Polly is considered the ringleader and instigator among her two friends, Lila and Shani. She has a contagious charisma and great passion for her many plans. It's revealed in "Sugar Rush" that Polly has a compulsive need to please everyone and help them out with their problems no matter how booked her own schedule is.

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