"That crazy old fart. He'd be cooked on the electric chair if he hasn't created our cyborg. Move him into the special cell so that he can't touch anyone. And report that he's cooperating very well with us."

  • Police Chief

Police Chief (경찰서장) is secondary antagonist in South Korean 2006 film Aachi & Ssipak. She is the police chief of the Shit city.

She is voiced by Seo Hye-jeong in the original Korean version; in the English dubbed version, she is voiced by Carolyn Wright.



The inspiration for the character was from South Korea's obsession with cuteness, youth dolls, and school uniforms, which were then added together to make the character; and the character didn't have an official name but instead, she is only known as "Director" or "Chief".


Throughout in the movie, she is shown to be stubborn, sadist and having a lot of issues from the Diaper Gang.

Physical appearance

She wears an white and blue police chief uniform, with skirt and socks, having blonde hair, ponytails with red on them, blue eyes, and having very light tanned skin.


Aachi & Ssipak

The Chief makes the announcement today after report of the latest hijacking of Section 4 by the Diaper Gang and mopping up all of their corpses who is thanks by Geko.

She later appears with the Captain at the electric chair room where the four traitors are getting executed for stuffing things into sacred anus. Thinking of them as beasts from their establishment, she asks the Captain as what he thinks of it. But the Captain fails to answer that, as he just states meaning about illegal anus users and then she kicks him.

Chief and Captain later go on the elevator where he tells her that Dr. Stranger sawed a prison guard into pieces again in his prison cell, which annoys her and warns about him, be crooked to an electric chair if he doesn't create their cyborg, than ordering him to move him to the special cell where he won't move as not to touch anybody, and report him as he will be cooperating very well with them; the Captain agrees as their elevator stops and opens. Geko is there, but he reports his 99 kills and no arrests, which he throws bunch of papers for them to pick them up with only the Captain picking those up, with the Chief getting angry about how their cyborg been so rude and despicable.

She appeared again and sat down, the evidence about an error ID registrations and juicybars been gushed out thousands, at the crime scene where two officers were killed, and Jimmy killed, naked by the Diaper Gang. And then found about two presumed homeless hoodlums, Aachi and Ssipak who were at the crime scene and escaped with Beautiful, which it turns out the Diaper Gang were looking after her and Jimmy was in fact killed by the Diaper King. As the Captain kept talking about the scene, the Chief shouts him get to the point, which he becomes silent and scared, telling him about how they do relate the case. With him telling her that they have illegal affairs, but she tells him to shut up, and ordering to mobilize all the forces, and captures all of them.

As the days go by, when they finally found them, they find one woman (Beautiful) who last defecated their records, which the rest of the IDs has no record of defecation, which the Diaper Gang cannot defecate it and so needed their juicybars, making her a big suspect. If they capture her, they'll able to uncover everything in this case while she's smoking. With the Captain, stating that the SWAT team is now positioned to track down any massive of juicybars in three minutes, until the Chief throws it and tell him to get to the point. With her telling him if he'll capture them or not, will him telling yes and he will capture them. And she tells him if he fail to capture them, then she will kill him.

After the death of Geko (who is shot by Diaper King), the Chief is enraged and orders his captains to wipe the Diaper Gang as possible in this planet, as the news spread all over the world with the Diaper Gang now in the city and attacking to rule. The Captain tells her that they were annihilated and kicks him.

She appear with the fellow captains in the meeting while she sometimes smoke, with her stating that they have a traitor among them, because they now impossible for the Diaper Gang to obliterate them like this. One of the captains telling her that since Geko was charged of the Diaper Gang until now he's dead and they don't know about their strategies, but the Chief shouts at them no excuses by throwing her ashtray to one of the captains' head, and telling them that they're now weaker than the Diaper Gang. She soon take the another plan. The Chief and Captain soon arriving at the special cell where Dr. Stranger is held, with this, she long time no sees him and asking him that she'll getting straight to the point and requests Stranger to revive Geko. Dr. Stranger accepts the request and he'll create him back, as it won't be so difficulties but he need some corpses that are very fresh. The Chief asks him if he brings him back to life, then she will give him the filth from Section 4 which Stranger is happy about hearing that. Stranger then tells one more, asking her to get his corpse with her as a wish and laughs as Stranger joins too, with the Captain who is secretary mad about this.

She is mentioned by the Diaper King as he disposes her as the Captain times out to be a spy and secretary relationships with the Diaper Gang.

The Diaper Gang soon now have Dr. Stranger as their helper, with the Captain is killed and has recorded for the Chief that she raises the good assistant and the Diaper King tells her from the recording, if she got the guts and come to the desert, with that, the Chief is now pissed and angry by shoots his deceased captain, about how he betrays her. One of her officers tell her that they couldn't the trace of their doctor until something bleeps, and it's Geko, who is now revived and shocks her.

The Chief appear in her world war outfit and now at the desert, now shouting to his soldiers to attack and charge at the Diaper Gang's base until a group of frankenstein cyborg mutants abuses them. But then Geko launches a rocket launcher that soon explodes and destroys them, but all of the soldiers getting blown up away as well, calling him a lunatic until seeing an explode coming near and tries to flee but get caught.

She soon last seen, now with cut bruises and trying to escape from the remaining cyborg mutants, until make a stop after she went rolling down to the mud, she sees them and tries to shoot them down, but they dodges it and she kept shooting until they come closer to her, as they're now near her, she tells them if they think killing her, she raises her pistol to her right temple, attempting suicide but the cyborg mutants won't allow it by slicing her arm and then kill her by decapitating her head.

At the near ending, Dr. Stranger is reviving her decapitated head with a headless body of Diaper King, with their remainings, the doctor laughs and stating he will have fun with their friends.


  • The Police Chief didn't have a real name or her credited name, but instead she was credited as 독감 Doggam, which means "Director" in Korean.
  • She is parody to South Korea's obsession with cuteness and youth dolls.
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