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Poisandra is Sledge's fiancee and one of the secondary antagonists in Power Rangers Dino Charge and its sequel Power Rangers Dino Supercharge. She is also one of the Sledge's generals (and the only female among them) and also his marriage-obsessed bride.

In the final of Dino Supercharge, she is married with Sledge but is killed with him and the rest of his crew when they are sucked into a black hole. In the final battle between the Rangers and Sledge's crew, in the past, Poisandra fights the Rangers (Kendall, James, Phillip and Zenowing) and Heckyl with Wrench and the Vivix. She is defeated, then jailed by James and killed when Heckyl leads Sledge's ship into the sun. 

Poisandra returns in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. While her past self was destroyed at the end of Dino Super Charge, her, Sledge and Wrench present selves survived being sucked into the black hole, ending up in the Ninja Steel universe, (the fate of Fury and Curio is unknown for the moment, but it is presumed that they are survived too). 

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