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Pinhead, along with Blade and Jester, are the only characters to appear in all the Puppet Master movies to date.


Pinhead wears a red/orange stealth sweater, a blue anchor armband on the left arm, black pants, shoes, a black knit cap, a bandit mask and gloves.

Power Abilities

Pinhead's only power is his two big hands that can deliver quite an explosive punch. He's also unnaturally strong, able to move or drag a full grown human body with ease, extreme physical strength, high intelligence, escapologist, hand to hand combat, expert strategist, speed, durability, stamina, endurance, reflexes, Iron Will Power, and tactician.

Hidden Weapon

Pinhead has a special serum called, Venom. The powerful formula which got stolen from Bane.


Pinhead's weakness is if someone removes his tiny bald head from his burly body, (which only appeared in the first Puppet Master). Fortunately, Robert Toulon add adjustments to his head for anyone who tries to remove his head and will get electrocute if they do. Also Pinhead’s left eye was never seen since Andre’ Toulon carve it when he created Pinhead until Robert Toulon put some adjustments to it by adding laser equipment to the left eye.


Pinhead had suffered some injuries throughout his career. His head was pulled off. He's been pocked, stomped on, set on fire, and had his arm shot off.


Before he became a puppet, Pinhead was a man named Herman Strauss. Strauss was a truck driver who secretly brought food to the Jewish ghettos; as a result, he was killed by the Nazis for treason. His retro version was the soul of a beggar André Toulon knew. The Retro version was the first puppet Toulon (with the help of Afzel) brought to life. Pinhead was used for evil under puppet masters Neil Gallagher, Andre' Toulon (Puppet Master II), and Dr. Magrew, all whom he turned against in the end.


  • Crusher Knucklechucks with spiked–blades and strangle chain rope out of Steel
  • Bazooka (Disguised as a Derringer Pistol)
  • Barbell Weights
  • Dagger with Spiked Rings
  • F.C.S.B. Mace (Four–chained Spike–Meteor Ball)
  • Fireplace Harpoon Poker
  • Sledgehammer Axe


  • In some of the movies Pinhead has human hands.
  • Pinhead is place in the group is that of the big man the muscle in the group.