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Pido is a yellow surfer dog and the drummer of the Raggs band.

Official Description

Taken from the Play at Palladium with Raggs style guide. Pido is the favorite laid back surfer dude who is totally happy to take life as it comes. Pido is the same age as Razzles, Trilby and B. Max and his favorite pastimes are surfing and cooking. He likes nothing better than to chill out at the beach, then come home and create an out of this world snack. He loves food as long as it’s healthy, and can whip up one of his Pido pizza specials in no time at all. Pido can seem to be a bit vague and forgetful sometimes, and doesn’t always immediately grasp the finer points of any intellectual discussion. But when his brain does kick into gear – stand back, brain attack! – the lateral ideas start flowing thick and fast. Pido is especially useful when dealing with problems because he tends to approach a solution from an unexpected direction. That’s not to say that his suggested solutions are always successful, but they are always distinctively Pido and that’s one of the reasons why his friends all love him. Pido loves nature and the great outdoors. He’s gentle, generous and will do anything for a friend. He is passionate about his seashell collection and loves playing the drums in the band.

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